1st Edition

Political Future Fiction Vol 2 Speculative and Counter-Factual Politics in Edwardian Fiction

    322 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Edwardian period was a time of great social and political change. The six texts in this edition are all notable for their imaginative portrayals of the future. This is the only critical edition of these works. Essays and introductory matter explore the themes in the novels, as well as the literary-historical context they appeared in.

    Volume 2 Fictions of a Feminist Future, Introduction: Feminist Future Fiction, Bibliography, Allan Reeth, Legions of the Dawn (1908), Una L. Silberrad, The Affairs of John Bolsover (1911), Commentary on the Texts, Editorial Notes, Index


    Kate Macdonald, Richard Bleiler, Stephan Donovan