1st Edition

Political Institutions of West Africa

By J. H. Price Copyright 1967

    This book, originally published in 1967 looks at political institutions in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Gambia a the time of the establishment of alien rule and goes on to discuss in detail constitutional developments from 1919 to the late 20th Century, paying particular attention to the constitutional arrangements of the Commonwealth West African countries after Independence. Aspects such as the judiciary and the enforcement of law and order, the public services and finance, are discussed in separate chapters. The book ends with a survey of the varying patterns of local government in English-speaking West Africa.

    Part 1: The General Constitutional Background of the 5 English-Speaking West African Countries to the End of the Second World War a) General Considerations b) The Gold Coast 1919-45 c) Nigeria 1900-45 d) Sierra Leone 1919-45 e) The Gambia 1919-45 f) Liberia 1919-45 Part 2: Constitutional and Political Developments in the English-speaking West African Countries Since 1945: The Working of the Present-Day Constitutions a) Ghana b) Nigeria c) Sierra Leone d) The Gambia e) Liberia Part 3: The Judiciary and the Maintenance of Public Order Part 4: The Public Services Part 5: Public Finance Part 6: Local Government.


    J. H. Price