1st Edition

Political Language and Metaphor Interpreting and changing the world

Edited By Terrell Carver, Jernej Pikalo Copyright 2008
    310 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    320 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Until a century ago, a metaphor was just a mere figure of speech, but since the development of discourse analysis a metaphor has become more than merely incidental to the content of the arguments or findings. Students and scholars in political studies know the importance of metaphors in electoral and policy-related politics, coming across metaphors that are, knowingly or unknowingly, influencing our perception of politics.

    This book is the first to develop new methodological approaches to understand and analyse the use of metaphor in political science and international relations. It does this by:

    • Combining theory with case studies in order to advance substantive work in politics and international relations that focuses on metaphor
    • Expands the range of empirical case studies that employ this category descriptively and also in explanatory logic
    • Advances research that investigates the role of metaphor in empirical and discourse-based methodologies, thus building on results from other disciplines, notably linguistics and hermeneutic philosophy.

    This innovative study will be of interest to students and researchers of politics, international relations and communication studies.

    Metaphor in Political Language: Interpreting and Changing the World


    Notes on Contributors

    Editors’ Introduction Terrell Carver & Jernej Pikalo


    Chapter One

    Dimitrios Akrivoulis

    The Ways of Stargazing: Newtonian Metaphoricity in American Foreign Policy

    Chapter Two

    Dag Stenvoll

    Slippery Slopes in Political Discourse

    Chapter Three

    Jernej Pikalo

    Mechanical Metaphors in Politics


    Chapter Four

    Erik Ringmar

    Metaphors of Social Order

    Chapter Five

    Iseult Honohan

    Metaphors of Solidarity

    Chapter Six

    Steffen G. Scheneider

    Exploring the Metaphorical (De-)Construction of Legitimacy: A Comparison of Legitimation Discourses in American and British Newspapers


    Chapter Seven

    Petr Drulák

    Identifying and Assessing Metaphors: Discourse on EU Reform

    Chapter Eight

    Jan Helmig & Jochen Walter

    Discursive Metaphor Analysis: (De)Construction(s) of Europe

    Chapter Nine

    Charlotte Fridolfsson

    Political Protest and Metaphor


    Chapter Ten

    Terrell Carver

    Real Construction through Metaphorical Language: How Animals and Machines (Amongst other Metaphors) Maketh (Hu)Man (What ‘He’ Is)

    Chapter Eleven

    Gemma M. Carney

    Data, Anecdote and Metaphor in Gender Equality Policy-Making: Merging ‘Intellectual and Real World Mainstreaming’

    Chapter Twelve

    Véronique Mottier

    Metaphors, Mini-Narratives and Foucauldian Discourse Theory


    Chapter Thirteen

    David Howarth & Steven Griggs

    Metaphor, Catachresis and Equivalence: The Rhetoric of Freedom to Fly in the Struggle over Aviation Policy in the United Kingdom

    Chapter Fourteen

    Merlijn van Hulst

    Love and Life in Heartless Town: Or, the Use of Metaphor in Local Planning

    Chapter Fifteen

    Dvora Yanow

    Cognition Meets Action:Metaphors as Models of and Models for


    Chapter Sixteen

    Alan Cienki

    The Application of Conceptual Metaphor Theory to Political Discourse: Methodological Questions and Some Possible Solutions

    Chapter Seventeen

    Philippe Sormani & Martin Benninghoff

    Metaphorical Moves: ‘Scientific Expertise’ in Research Policy Studies

    Chapter Eighteen

    Dieter Vertessen &Christ’l de Landtsheer

    A Metaphorical Election Style: Use of Metaphor at Election Time


    Editors’ Reflections Terrell Carver & Jernej Pikalo

    Further Reading




    Terrell Carver is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Bristol, UK.

    Jernej Pikalo is Lecturer in Political Theory at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.