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Political Philosophy for the Real World

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Political philosophers and applied ethicists often think in terms of ideal theory. In short, they ask what institutions, policies, or practices would work best if people had perfect motivations. While such work might help us imagine what utopia would look like, it offers little practical guidance.

Political Philosophy for the Real World offers a home for original scholarly research that confronts the very problems ideal theory imagines away, such as corruption, incentives, incompetence, rent-seeking, strategic free-riding and non-compliance, and political manipulation. The monographs and edited collections in this series integrate normative philosophy with the best empirical work in political science, economics, sociology, and psychology. By taking the incentives our institutions create and the motivations of individuals seriously, these books advocate for workable policy solutions that incorporate insights from the social sciences.

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Property and Justice A Liberal Theory of Natural Rights

Property and Justice: A Liberal Theory of Natural Rights

1st Edition

By Billy Christmas
March 30, 2021

This book gives an account of a full spectrum of property rights and their relationship to individual liberty. It shows that a purely deontological approach to justice can deal with the most complex questions regarding the property system. Moreover, the author considers the economic, ecological, ...

Commutative Justice A Liberal Theory of Just Exchange

Commutative Justice: A Liberal Theory of Just Exchange

1st Edition

By Carl David Mildenberger
February 21, 2020

This book develops a liberal theory of justice in exchange. It identifies the conditions that market exchanges need to fulfill to be just. It also addresses head-on a consequentialist challenge to existing theories of exchange, namely that, in light of new harms faced at the global level, we need ...

Justice and the Meritocratic State

Justice and the Meritocratic State

1st Edition

By Thomas Mulligan
July 16, 2019

Like American politics, the academic debate over justice is polarized, with almost all theories of justice falling within one of two traditions: egalitarianism and libertarianism. This book provides an alternative to the partisan standoff by focusing not on equality or liberty, but on the idea that...

Economic Liberties and Human Rights

Economic Liberties and Human Rights

1st Edition

Edited By Jahel Queralt, Bas van der Vossen
May 20, 2019

The status of economic liberties remains a serious lacuna in the theory and practice of human rights. Should a minimally just society protect the freedoms to sell, save, profit and invest? Is being prohibited to run a business a human rights violation? While these liberties enjoy virtually no ...

Unequivocal Justice

Unequivocal Justice

1st Edition

By Christopher Freiman
February 07, 2019

Unequivocal Justice challenges the prevailing view within political philosophy that broadly free market regimes are inconsistent with the basic principles of liberal egalitarian justice. Freiman argues that the liberal egalitarian rejection of free market regimes rests on a crucial methodological ...

Unjust Borders Individuals and the Ethics of Immigration

Unjust Borders: Individuals and the Ethics of Immigration

1st Edition

By Javier S. Hidalgo
November 20, 2018

States restrict immigration on a massive scale. Governments fortify their borders with walls and fences, authorize border patrols, imprison migrants in detention centers, and deport large numbers of foreigners. Unjust Borders: Individuals and the Ethics of Immigration argues that immigration ...

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