1st Edition

Political Power In Ecuador

By Osvaldo Hurtado Copyright 1986
    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    436 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is a study of politics and the changing configuration of power in a developing country in which political domination during the past 155 years has almost without exception coincided with economic hegemony.

    Translator's Foreword to the Encore Edition -- Translator's Foreword to the First Edition -- Preface to the Encore Edition -- Introduction -- Power Relationships in the Audiencia of Quito: 1533–1820 -- Social, Economic, and Political Organization in the Audiencia of Quito -- Power and Domination in Colonial Quito -- Colonial Dependence, Social Conflict, and the Break with Spain -- The Structure of Power in Ecuador During the Republican Period: 1820–1949 -- Hacienda Society in Republican Ecuador: Rural Aristocracy and Ancillary Institutions -- External Factors: Economic and Politicocultural Dependency in Republican Ecuador -- Political Conflict I: The Liberal-Conservative Two-Party System -- Political Conflict II: Personality and Power in Ecuadorean Politics -- The Crisis of Power in Contemporary Ecuador: 1950–79 -- Capitalist Development and Political Crisis -- Urban Growth and Populism -- Ideological Reformism and Political Radicalization -- Workers and Students -- The Military and The Church -- Ecuador in the Petroleum Era: New Forms of Dependency -- Epilogue


    Osvaldo Hurtado, Nick D. Mills