1st Edition

Political and Historical Encyclopedia of Women

Edited By Christine Fauré Copyright 2003

    The original French edition of this encyclopedia, the Encyclopédie politique et historique des femmes, Second Edition has been lauded by French reviewers, and now Routledge is pleased to publish this acclaimed resource in an English language edition. From the Salic Law in medieval France to the American Revolution to today's women's representation in American and European politics, this valuable resource discusses women's participation in Western political and historical transformation. The 40 authoritative in-depth articles, written by an international team of scholars, examine women's activism in areas such as voting, emancipation, equality, and democracy, providing students and general readers with an indispensable resource.

    On The Threshold of Modernity; The Salic Law; Female Sovereignty and the Subordination of Women on the Works of Martin Luther, Jean Calvin, and Jean Bodin; Women's Political and Military Action During the Fronde; From Natural Subjection to Conventional Indifference:; The Age of Revolutions; Women's Role in the English Revolutions; The American Revolution Through Women's Eyes; Women's Political Action During the French Revolution; Sex Or Rank?; From the Rights of Man to Women's Rights:; Women Militants in the Brabant and Liégeois Revolutions; Women and the Dutch Revolutions of the Late Eighteenth Century; The Trade of Black Women Slaves of the Eighteenth Century; Women's Participation in the Greek Revolution, 1800–1827; 1826; Utopia and Counterutopia; 1848 in Paris; Women in the German States, 1848–1849; The Emancipation of Women in the Works of Marx and Engels; 1871: The Paris Commune; Women in Revolutionary Russia, 1861–1926; Women in the German Revolution; THe Women's Section of the Comintern, from Lenin to Stalin; STruggles For Democracy; Women's Rights and Suffrage in the United States, 1848–1920; Women's Suffrage and Democracy in Canada; From Women's Rights to Feminism in Europe, 1860–1914; Political Rights of European Women: An Assessment of the Two World Wars; WOmen's Role in the Spanish Civil War; The Feminine Condition Under Nazism; Women's Collaboration and Resistance Under Italian Fascism; Women in Vichy France; Women and Salazarism; Liberty and Equality for Women in the Socialist Countries of Eastern Europe, 1960–1980; Feminism in the 1970s; Universal Suffrage and Direct Democracy; Women and Islam in the West; Turkish Immigrant Women in Europe; THe Political Success of Scandinavian Women; Women's Representation in Parliaments and Political Parties in Europe and North America; Building Equality in the Policies of International Organizations


    Christine Fauré

    "[An] impressive collection... Academic women's studies and history collections should include this work as an essential and welcome addition. All academic libraries should regard this as highly recommended. Larger public libraries wishing to both broaden and deepen their offerings in the areas of European women's history should consider as well... Christine Fauré has edited a work without direct comparison that achieves its stated goal admirably." -- Reference & User Services Quarterly
    "The essays, written by established scholars, are authoritative... Many libraries will find both the breadth of the coverage and the length of the articles (mostly 12,000 words) useful for nonspecialist patrons who want a substantial but not overwhelming discussion. Recommended for public and academic libraries." -- Library Journal
    "Recommended.." -- Choice