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    Politics USA is a lively and authoritative introduction to American politics, giving students a rich and varied resource for all aspects of their course. The book provides expert and comprehensive analysis of US politics and government, including in-depth coverage of the presidency, the Congress, the Supreme Court and American foreign policy.

    This third edition of Politics USA has been thoroughly updated to include analysis of

    • Challenges and policies of the first Obama administration
    • Recent results and developments in US elections
    • Latest major decisions of the US Supreme Court
    • Contemporary American Foreign Policy

    This is an ideal introduction for students of US politics as well as anyone seeking to understand any or all aspects of politics in one of the world’s most powerful and globally influential countries.

    Chapter 1 Introduction - A troubled nation

    Part 1 The constitutional dimension of American politics

    Chapter 2 The Constitution and constitutionalism

    Chapter 3 Federalism

    Part 2 The socio-economic contexts

    Chapter 4 The rise and fall of consensus since 1945

    Chapter 5 Economy and society

    Chapter 6 Gender and American politics

    Chapter 7 Race, ethnicity and immigration in the USA

    Part 3 The representative process

    Chapter 8 Elections and voting behaviour

    Chapter 9 The mass media and politics

    Chapter 10 Political parties

    Chapter 11 Interest groups, political committees and campaigns

    Part 4 The executive process

    Chapter 12 Presidential power

    Chapter 13 The federal bureaucracy

    Part 5 The legislative process

    Chapter 14 Congress and the president

    Chapter 15 Congressional structures and processes

    Part 6 The judicial process

    Chapter 16 The Supreme Court and judicial review

    Chapter 17 The Supreme Court and American politics

    Part 7 The policy process

    Chapter 18 Serving the people: government and domestic policy

    Chapter 19 Abortion

    Chapter 20 Foreign policy

    Chapter 21 Contemporary US foreign policy



    Robert McKeever is one of UK’s leading scholars of American politics and its foremost specialist on the United States Supreme Court. He is Dean of the Faculty of Law, Governance, and International Relations at London Metropolitan University and has written extensively on constitutional politics, including most recently on the judicial legacy of George W. Bush and abortion rights in the United States and Canada.

    Philip Davies is Director of the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library and President of the European Association for American Studies. He has authored, co-authored, and edited some 30 books and published more than 100 articles and book chapters on aspects of US politics and society.

    "The new edition of Politics USA is an outstanding achievement. The authors have produced a reliable, sophisticated and incisive guide which will be indispensable to all serious students of American politics."
    - John Dumbrell, Professor of Government, Durham University

    "Politics USA is a first-rate survey of American politics and government. It is clearly written, very accessible and engaging in its analysis of contemporary and recent political issues."
    - Iwan Morgan, Professor of US Studies, Institute for the Study of the Americas

    "In this authoritative volume, McKeever and Davies combine a sophisticated coverage of the fundamentals of US history, government and politics with an insightful analysis of the profound impact 9/11 has had on US governance."
    - James P. Pfiffner, Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University