1st Edition

Politics and Regimes

By Paul Edward Gottfried Copyright 1997
    108 Pages
    by Routledge

    98 Pages
    by Routledge

    The essays grouped together in this volume look from differing angles at the crisis of condence faced by the contemporary state. What we see is the decline of the authority once associated with the Western nation-state as a source of public order and as a defender of cultural identity. Multiplying and contradictory rights claims, the breakdown of a shared political frame of reference, and attempts by public administration to micromanage society have all contributed to the threat to authority. What remains to be asked is whether the Western paradigm of the state can be restored to the basis of public faith.

    The Western State as a Paradigm: Learning from History, Epistemological Circularity as a Justification for Liberal Democracy, The End of the Cold War and the Collapse of Conservative and Liberal Statism, The Vryheid Front on South Africa's Constitution, The Search for Reality: Trilling versus Parrington, Good Death: Is Euthanasia the Answer?


    Paul Gottfried