1st Edition

Politics and Religion in the Modern World

Edited By George Moyser Copyright 1991

    Despite the commonly held Western view that secularisation has taken religion out of the political sphere, the relationship between religion and politics is at the heart of many of the critical issues of our time. The role of the church in nationalist movements in Eastern Europe, and the influence of Islam on Middle Eastern politics are two clear examples. Politics and Religion in the Modern World sets out to examine what makes religion and politics such a potent combination in countries around the world. It is an important analysis of the relationship between religion and politics, which will be recommended reading for students of political science, religious studies, and sociology.

    Preface Chapter 1 Politics abd Religion Since 1945: An Overview George Moyser 2. Politics and Religion in Western Europe John Madeley 3. Politics and Religion in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union Pedro Ramet 4. The Islamic World: Egypt and Iran Glenn E. Perry 5. Politics and Religion in Contemporary India Ian A. Talbot 6. Politics and Religion in Southern Africa Adrian Hastings 7. Politics and Religion in Latin America Kenneth Medhurst 8. Politics and Religion in Central America: A Case Study of El Salvador Jennifer Pearce 9. Social Change and Political Response: The Silent Religious Cleavage in North America Kenneth D. Wald


    George Moyser