1st Edition

Politics in Scotland

Edited By Duncan McTavish Copyright 2016
    295 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    296 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Politics in Scotland is an authoritative introduction to the contemporary political landscape in Scotland and an essential text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Scottish Politics. Written by leading experts in the field, it is coherently organised to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of a range of themes in contemporary Scottish Politics.

    Key topics include:

    • Government and electoral behaviour.

    • Representation and political parties in Scotland.

    • Public policy and Scotland’s relationship with the rest of the world.

    • Scottish politics both in the run up to and after the 2014 referendum.

    • The Future of Scottish government and politics.

    This textbook will be essential reading for students of Scottish politics, British Politics, devolution, government and policy.

    Introduction (Duncan McTavish)

    1. Unionism and Nationalism: The Historical Context of Contemporary Scottish Politics (Ewen Cameron)

    2. How Scotland Votes: Elections and Electoral Behaviour in Scotland (Craig McAngus)

    3. The Quality of Scottish Democracy (Thomas Lundberg)

    4. Political Parties in Scotland (Duncan McTavish)

    5. Corks on a Beach? Finding a Hard Budget Constraint for Scottish Government (Paul Hallwood and Ronald MacDonald)

    6. Scottish Local Government: Past, Present and Futures (Colin Mair)

    7. Civil Service and the Machinery of Government (Richard Parry)

    8. Social Policy in a Devolved Scotland. Different, Fairer? (Kirstein Rummery)

    9. Politics of Gender Equality in Scotland: Mind the Gap (Karen Jonhston and Gillian Fyfe)

    10. Scotland and the World. Para-diplomacy and Proto-diplomacy (Michael Keating)

    11. A Small Country in a Bigger Country or a Small Country in a Big World (Richard Kerley)

    12. The Future of Scottish Government and Public Policy: A Distinctive Scottish Style (Paul Cairney)

    13. Scotland and British Constitutional Reform (Matt Qvortrup)

    14. The Media and Politics in Scotland (David Hutchison)

    Conclusion (Duncan McTavish)


    Duncan McTavish is Professor of Public Policy and Management at Glasgow Caledonian University, UK. He has published extensively in public policy and management, multi-level government and politics of the nation state and edited leading academic journals.

    "Politics in Scotland brings together experts in their subject areas and delivers engaging and informed discussion. Important themes are investigated, from the ‘quality’ of democracy in Scotland and the policy performance of devolved institutions to Scotland’s role in the international sphere. This collection captures the rapidly evolving nature of constitutional politics in Scotland and the UK and deserves to be widely read." - Lynn Bennie, University of Aberdeen, UK.

    "An independent Scotland would seek to 'punch above its weight' and so does this book and it succeeds because of the quality of its contributions. The book delivers a reasoned understanding of the motivations and dynamics for modern Scottish politics within its UK, domestic and international context. Qvortrup's scathing observation in his chapter, that the attempts of the political pygmies of contemporary British politics to enact political reform can be summarised by Britney Spears' refrain, "Whoops! I've done it again" lingers long after the book is finished." - Andrew Massey, University of Exeter, UK. 

    "Scotland has a lot to teach us about how identities are negotiated in multi-national states. This book is an essential read for anyone wishing to gain a nuanced and updated understanding of the Scottish and British political landscapes." - S. Karly Kehoe, Saint Mary's University, Canada.

    "This is a major contribution to the understanding of Politics in Scotland in its many facets. It covers the key themes and addresses the main issues through a range of chapters highly insightful and written by leading authors in the field. An essential reading both for experts in Scottish politics and the profound reader wishing to acquire knowledge about a fascinating country and its recent developments and transformations." - Edoardo Ongaro, Professor of International Public Services Management, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK, and President, European Group for Public Administration (EGPA).   

    "Scottish politics has never been more alive nor hotly contested. This highly timely and comprehensive collection shines a light into the brightest and darkest corners of Scottish Politics. It is unrivalled in illuminating key issues and debates, blending together our understandings of the past, present and contested futures of Scotland." - Allan McConnell, University of Sydney, Australia 

    "How different are Scottish policy and politics from the rest of the UK? Politics in Scotland brings together a strong group of expert authors to examine the cutting-edge issues. They provide a comprehensive and informative guide to this question of where Scottish policy and politics is now and where it is heading in the future." - Martin Laffin, Queen Mary University of London, UK