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Politics of Transnational Law

About the Series

Politics of Transnational Law is edited by Tanja Aalberts and Wouter Werner (VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

This interdisciplinary series explores the changing dynamics between politics and law in a globalizing world. These dynamics illustrate the growing importance and vitality of cross disciplinary research that transcends traditional disciplinary divides, domains and categories. Focused on the ‘Politics of Transnational Law’, this series provides a platform for studies that critically reflect on the interplay between politics and law as international and transnational practices. It investigates the heterogeneous landscape of contemporary law-making, and the different kinds of politics this global ordering relates to. The series is unique in that it is jointly shared by the law and politics divisions within Routledge and will be actively promoted in both subjects areas.

Editorial Committee for the series:

Prof. dr Jeffrey Dunoff, Temple University Beasley School of Law, USA
Prof. dr Fleur Johns, University of New South Wales, Australia
Prof. dr Friedrich Kratochwil, Central European University, Hungary
Prof. dr Anna Leander, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Prof. dr Gregor Noll, Lund University, Sweden
Dr Sarah Nouwen, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Nikolas Rajkovic, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

This is a new series and we are keen to receive proposals for new books. To submit or discuss a proposal please contact: Siobhan Poole, Editor (Law) [email protected] or Emily Ross, Senior Editor (Politics) [email protected]  

4 Series Titles

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Regulatory Counter-Terrorism A Critical Appraisal of Proactive Global Governance

Regulatory Counter-Terrorism: A Critical Appraisal of Proactive Global Governance

1st Edition

By Nathanael Tilahun Ali
November 28, 2019

Regulatory Counter-Terrorism explores an emerging terrain in which the global governance of terrorism is expanding. This terrain is that of proactive regulatory governance – the management of the day-to-day activities of individuals and entities in order to pre-emptively minimize vulnerability to ...

The Extraterritoriality of Law History, Theory, Politics

The Extraterritoriality of Law: History, Theory, Politics

1st Edition

Edited By Daniel S. Margolies, Umut Özsu, Maïa Pal, Ntina Tzouvala
March 26, 2019

Questions of legal extraterritoriality figure prominently in scholarship on legal pluralism, transnational legal studies, international investment law, international human rights law, state responsibility under international law, and a large number of other areas. Yet many accounts of ...

Governmentality in EU External Trade and Environment Policy Between Rights and Market

Governmentality in EU External Trade and Environment Policy: Between Rights and Market

1st Edition

By Jessica Lawrence
February 15, 2018

Governmentality and EU External Trade and Environment Policy applies theories drawn from Foucauldian governmentality studies to investigate the ideological and political roots of the European Union (EU)’s external trade and environmental policy and their effects on the transnational legal landscape...

The Politics of Private Transnational Governance by Contract

The Politics of Private Transnational Governance by Contract

1st Edition

Edited By A. Claire Cutler, Thomas Dietz
April 14, 2017

This edited volume provides critical reflections on the interplay between politics and law in an increasingly transnationalized global political economy. It focuses specifically on the emergence and operation of new forms of governance that are developing through a variety of ...

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