3rd Edition

Pollutant Effects in Freshwater Applied Limnology

By J. Jacoby, E. Welch Copyright 2004
    516 Pages
    by CRC Press

    504 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Pollutant Effects in Freshwater provides a practical and concise introduction to the ecological consequences of water pollution in aquatic ecosystems. In tackling the problem of water quality deterioration, this book combines the limnological and water pollution literature to describe how pollutants in wastewater affect populations of organisms in freshwater environments.

    Substantially revised, updated and expanded, with additional specialist contributors, this retitled new edition of Ecological Effects of Wastewater will continue to focus on the effects and management of eutrophication, water quality standards to protect aquatic life, and widen the debate over micro organisms and their public health significance in the aquatic environment.

    With ever tighter controls on pollution levels of freshwater bodies being implemented and enforced world wide, this book is essential reading for students of public health and environmental engineering, and a reference tool for professionals in consultancies, contractors and for those in regulatory and enforcement bodies.

    Part 1. General Concepts of Aquatic Ecosystems. 1 Ecosystem Function and Management. 2 Standing Crop, Productivity and Growth Limitation. 3 Hydrographic Characteristics. 4 Nutrient Cycles. 5 Characteristics of Pollutants. Part 2. Effects of Pollutants in Standing Water. 6 Phytoplankton. 7 Eutrophication. 8 Zooplankton. 9 Macrophytes. 10 Lake and Reservoir Restoration. Part 3. Effects of Pollutants in Running Water. 11 Periphyton. 12 Benthic Macroinvertebrates. 13 Fish.


    J. Jacoby, E. Welch