1st Edition

Pollution Impacts on Marine Biotic Communities

By Michael J. Kennish Copyright 1997
    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    334 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Pollution of estuaries and coastal marine waters is of profound ecological and societal importance. These coastal environments serve as critical habitat for a multitude of organisms and are of great commercial and recreational value to humans. Designed to meet the research, monitoring, and assessment needs of scientists, administrators, planners, and managers, Pollution Impacts on Marine Biotic Communities is a uniquely comprehensive reference covering pollution in coastal marine and estuarine waters. The book provides a detailed look at the short- and long-term impacts of pollutants on these ecologically important regions. Case studies that reflect a broad range of pollution problems are analyzed, outlining the real-life issues and providing solutions to common problems.
    Despite being highly sensitive systems, estuarine and coastal marine environments have served as repositories for dredge spoils, sewage sludge, and industrial and municipal effluents for many decades. The adverse effects of these pollutants are only now being fully realized and understood. Pollution Impacts on Marine Biotic Communities includes a basic introduction to the subject of pollution in estuarine and marine environments and also a detailed examination of specific marine pollutants. Both the coverage and the format - which includes abundant illustrations and tables - make this book a valuable reference for scientists, administrators, and students engaged in coastal research and planning.

    Pollution in Estuarine and Marine Environments. Case Study 1: New York Bight Apex. Case Study 2: Chesapeake Bay. Case Study 3: Southern California Bight. Case Study 4: San Francisco Bay. Case Study 5: Puget Sound. Case Study 6: Firth of Clyde and the Tees River Estuary. Case Study 7: Wadden Sea. Index.

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