1st Edition

Pollution and Fish Health in Tropical Ecosystems

    402 Pages 6 Color & 48 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The tropical zone contains the highest diversity of fish species on the planet. Many of these species are being continuously exposed to pollutants that pose serious hazards to fish health thereby posing serious risks for entire fish populations. This book presents information about the different responses of fish to pollutants from the molecular levels to changes in behavior, with emphasis on tropical species. It also discusses current topics such as the adverse effects of emerging compounds like nanoparticles and endocrine disruptor chemicals.

    Introduction, Eduardo Alves de Almeidaz
    Genes and Proteins Related with Biotransformation in Tropical Fishes: Perspectives in Aquatic Toxicology, Juliano Zanette
    Nuclear Receptors in Fish and Pollutant Interactions, Afonso C.D. Bainy, Jacó J. Mattos and Marília N. Siebert
    Fish Neurotoxic Pollutants, Helena Cristina Silva de Assis
    Pollutants and Oxidative Stress, Francisco Filipak Neto
    Genotoxicity and Mutagenicity, Marta Margarete Cestari
    The Use of Fish Biomarkers in the Evaluation of Water Pollution, Thiago E. M. Parente and Rachel Ann Hauser-Davis
    Blood Parameters of Estuarine and Marine Fish as Non-Destructive Pollution Biomarkers, Seriani, R., Abessa, D.M.S., Pereira, C.D.S., Kirschbaum, A.A., Abujamara, L.D., Buruaem, L.M., Félix, C., Turatti, G.C.R., Prado, L.R.B., Sousa, E.C.P.M. and Ranzani-Paiva, M.J.T.
    Histopathological Markers in Fish Health Assessment, Ciro Alberto de Oliveira Ribeiro and Marisa Fernandes Narciso
    Emerging Contaminants and Endocrine System Dysfunction, Daniele Dietrich Moura Costa
    Nanoecotoxicology in Fish Species, Juliane Ventura-Lima, Alessandra Martins da Rocha, André Luís da Rosa Seixas, Carmen Luiza de Azevedo Costa, Isabel Soares Chaves, Josencler Luis Ribas Ferreira, Rafaela Elias Letts, José María Monserrat
    Effect of Pollutants in Condition Index, Larissa Paola Rodrigues Venâncio and Claudia Regina Bonini Domingos
    Behavioral Biomarkers and Pollution Risks to Fish Health and Biodiversity, Paulo Sérgio Martins de Carvalho


    de Almeida, Eduardo Alves; Ribeiro, Ciro Alberto de Oliveira