1st Edition

Polydoxy Theology of Multiplicity and Relation

Edited By Catherine Keller, Laurel Schneider Copyright 2011
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    Religious pluralism, the collapse of traditional religious institutions, and the growing impact of religious studies on believers have prompted widespread rethinking of what religion is. Polydoxy offers a brilliant and original theological response to this intellectual crisis by suggesting that there are multiple forms of right belief. Reacting against reductive or nostalgic theological tendencies, the chapters in this book by an impressive array of scholars take an exciting and creative approach to theology in the twenty-first century.

    Part 1: Multiplicity   Part 2: The Unknown   Part 3: Relationality


    Catherine Keller is a leading contemporary theologian. She is Professor of Constructive Theology at Drew University, USA, and author of The Face of the Deep.

    Laurel C. Schneider works on multiplicity theory and is author of Beyond Monotheism. She is Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Culture at Chicago Theological Seminary, USA.

    "This is an incredibly profound collection that unsettles the theologian into a clearing of questioning and construction. Young theologians should take upon themselves the task of reading and digesting this text. Yet “old” theologians must not become weary or fearful of this collection, for this work arrives from the multiplicity of Christian orthodoxy. Polydoxy signals a thoroughly postmodern constructive text. This is precisely what theologians have needed, and will continue to need, to construct postmodern theologies."

    - Zachary Bailes, Wake Forest University - School of Divinity, USA


    "This important book launches a new movement in theology which, while solidly grounded in Christian heritages, is groundbreaking in its refreshing openness to multiple methods and sources. I highly recommend it!"

    - Kathryn Tanner, Professor of Systematic Theology, Yale Divinity School


    "Intellectually bold and theologically sound, this well-composed volume offers thought-provoking essays on the multiplicity of Christian orthodoxy. A must read for theologians and philosophers interested in vibrant and engaged theologies."

    - Maaike de Haardt, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands


    "A remarkable collection, multi-faceted yet deeply interconnected in values and emphases. Page by page, example by example, one watches ‘polydoxy’ transform from a mysterious neologism into an indispensable means for labeling something one always wanted to name but couldn’t quite: the unexpected possibility of religious language, even hope, in an age grown leery of theology. At stake here is nothing less than the space of (eco-)community with each other and with the divine: ‘different not separate, distinct not divided’."

    - Philip Clayton, Claremont School of Theology and author of Adventures in the Spirit