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Polyimides and Other High Temperature Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications, Volume 5

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ISBN 9789004170803
Published April 24, 2009 by CRC Press
424 Pages

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Book Description

This volume documents the proceedings of the "Second International Symposium on Polyimides and Other High Temperature Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications, held in Newark, New Jersey, December 3-6, 2001.

Polyimides possess many desirable attributes, so this class of materials has found applications in many technologies ranging from microelectronics to high temperature adhesives to membranes.
This volume contains a total of 32 papers, all rigorously peer reviewed and revised before inclusion, addressing many aspects and new developments in polyimides and other high temperature polymers. The book is divided into two parts: Synthesis, Properties and Bulk Characterization and Surface Modification, Interfacial or Adhesion Aspects and Applications.

The topics covered include: synthesis and characterization of a variety of polyimides; photoalignable polyimides; high-modulus poly(p-phenylenepyromellitimide) films; structure-property relationships in polyimides; aromatic benzoxazole polymers; polybenzobisthiazoles; polyimide L-B films; transport of water in high Tg polymers; surface modification of polyimides; adhesion of metal films to polyimide and other polymers; investigation of interfacial interactions between metals and polymers; polyimide film surface properties; applications of polyimides in microelectronics, as membranes for gas separation, as composite films; fabrication of thin-film transistors on polyimide films; polyimide modified with fullerenes; semicrystalline polyimides for advanced composites; and wear performance of polyetherimide composite.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Synthesis, Properties and Bulk Characterization

Preparation, Characterization and Selective Solubility of Diels–Alder Addition Polyimides
Ying-Ling Liu, Shi-Yi Chen

Soluble Polyimides Based on Aromatic Diamines Bearing Long-Chain Alkyl Groups
Yusuke Tsuda

Synthesis and Properties of Novel Bismaleimides, Polyaspartimides and Organosoluble Polyimides
M. Sarojadevi, R. Hariharan, N. Amutha

Synthesis, Characterization and Polymerization of Imide-Containing Phthalonitrile Polymers
P. Selvakumar, K. Padmini, M. Sarojadevi

Structure–Property Relationships in Processable Heat Resistant Poly(amide–imide–imide)s for High-Temperature Applications
M. Sarojadevi, S. Bhuvana

Structural Characterization and Mechanical and Thermal Properties of New Cyanate/Epoxy and Cyanate/BMI Blends and Composites
M. Sarojadevi, L. S. Jayakumari, V. Thulasiraman, G. Anuradha, P. S. Sampath

Rigid-Rod Polybenzimidazoles (PBIs)
Thuy D. Dang, Narayanan Venkat, James E. Mark

A Novel Negative-Working Photodefinable Poly(benzoxazole) Using Acid Catalyzed Cross-linking
Tomonori Minegishi, Noriyuki Yamazaki

Low Temperature Curable, Positive-Tone, Photo-Definable Poly(benzoxazole)
Masayuki Ohe, Kohji Katoh, Tomoko Kawamura, Hiroshi Matsutani, Takashi Hattori

Multiple Relaxation Processes in Swift Heavy Ion Irradiated Kapton-H Polyimide
J. K. Quamara, Maneesha Garg, Geetika Goyal

TSDC Spectroscopy Investigation of Polyetherimide
B. K. Kaushik, Geetika Goyal, Randhir Singh

Space-Survivability and Characterization of Main-Chain and Side-Chain POSS–Kapton® Polyimides
S. J. Tomczak, M. E. Wright, A. J. Guenthner, B. J. Petteys, T. K. Minton, A. Brunsvold, V. Vij, L. M. McGrath, J. M. Mabry

Part 2. Surface and Adhesion Aspects

Fluorination of PMDA-ODA Polyimide Using Hyperthermal Atomic Fluorine Beams
Masahito Tagawa, Kumiko Yokota, Ken-ichi Maeda, Akitaka Yoshigoe, Yuden Teraoka, Kensuke Akamatsu, Hidemi Nawafune

Preparation of Highly Reflective and Conductive PI/Ag Composite Films by an Ion-Exchange Self-Metallization Technique
Shengli Qi, Zhanpeng Wu, Dezhen Wu, Frank W. Harris

Adhesion and Tribological Properties of Sputtered Polymer Thin Films from a Polyimide Target
Satoru Iwamori, Akihiro Uemura, Kazuya Kezuka

Adhesion and Mechanical Properties of Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)–Poly(vinyl alcohol) Composite Thin Films Prepared by Spin Coating Method
Satoru Iwamori, Masaaki Mizoguchi, Itsuo Nishiyama

Part 3. Applications

Polyimide–Aerogel Hybrid Foam Composites for Advanced Applications
Trent M. Smith, Martha K. Williams, James E. Fesmire, Jared P. Sass, Erik S. Weiser

Polyimide Foam Nanocomposites from Powder Precursors
C. Rocio Misiego, Camilo I. Cano, R. Byron Pipes

High-Performance Composite Membranes Based on Sulfonated Polyarylenethioethersulfone and Sulfonated Polybenzimidazole for Fuel Cell Applications
Zongwu Bai, Shane B. Juhl, Narayanan Venkat, Thuy D. Dang

New Ion-Containing Polyimides for the Purification of Bio-fuels by a Membrane Separation Process
Anne Jonquières, Michel Awkal, Robert Clément, Pierre Lochon

Zeolite-Modified Polyimides as Absorption Materials for Molecular Contamination
Shabnam Virji, Sara Halper, Judy Ying, Rika Anderson, Randy Villahermosa

Cobalt-Containing Polyimides for Moisture Absorption and Sensing
Sara R. Halper, Shabnam Virji, Randy M. Villahermosa

Part 4. General Papers

Durability of Si-Containing Polyimide in a Simulated Atomic Oxygen Environment for Low Earth Orbit Applications
Kumiko Yokota, Masahito Tagawa, Minoru Iwata, Eiji Miyazaki, Jun-ichiro Ishizawa, Mineo Suzuki, Rikio Yokota

Thermo-Chemical Behaviour of Organosilicon Films Deposited by a Cold Plasma Polymerization Process
Brigitte Mutel, Philippe Supiot

Aspects of Lifetime Assessment of High-Temperature Fibers and Lifetime Enhancement
T. Bahners, U. Schloßer, T. Textor, E. Schollmeyer

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