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Polymer Surface Modification: Relevance to Adhesion, Volume 5

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ISBN 9789004165908
Published March 16, 2009 by CRC Press
394 Pages

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Book Description

The topic of polymer surface modification is of tremendous contemporary interest because of its critical importance in many and varied technological applications where polymers are used. Currently there is brisk research activity in unraveling the mechanisms of surface modification and finding ways to prolong the life of surface treatment. Also there is acute interest and need to devise new, improved and economical means to modify polymer surfaces. This book is divided into three parts as follows: Part 1: Surface Modification Techniques; Part 2: Interfacial Aspects and Adhesion; Part 3: General Papers. The topics covered include : various techniques for surface modification including plasma (both vacuum and atmospheric pressure), ozone, photografting, UV photo-oxidation, laser, use of charged particles and others for a variety of polymers; longevity of surface treatment; hydrophobic recovery; fabrication of high-density polymer nano-dots; immobilization of organometallic catalysts on textile carrier materials; polymer membrane antifouling properties; electroless metallization of polymers; effects of surface modification on interfacial shear strength of composites, cord/rubber adhesion, adhesion of UV-curable coatings and attachment of hyperbranched polymers; plasma polymerization; block copolymers; application of plasma technology in decontamination of heat-sensitive polymer surfaces. In essence this book reflects the current state-of-the-knowledge in the arena and represents the work of many renowned scientists and technologists. It should be of interest to anyone with a desire or need to learn the latest R&D activity in this domain and the information contained here should be very valuable in deciding the optimum surface modification technique for his/her particular requirements.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Surface Modification Techniques
Plasma Bromination—A Selective Way to Monotype Functionalized Polymer Surfaces
S. Wettmarshausen, R. Mix, A. Meyer-Plath, H.-U. Mittmann and J. F. Friedrich
Plasma Surface Modification of Aromatic Polyester (Vecstar OC® Films for Copper Metallization —Dynamic Surface Properties of Plasma-Modified Vecstar OC Films
N. Inagaki and T. Sakaguchi
Generation of Nanotopographies on Polymeric Substrates by Cold Plasmas
S. Manolache, H. Jiang and F. Denes
Plasma-Induced Modification of Polymer Surfaces With Widely Different Adhesion Characteristics for Cell-Based RNA Arrays
K. Schröder, B. Busse, H. Steffen, A. Quade, K.-D. Weltmann and A. Ohl
Effects of Ar-Plasma Irradiation on Dyeing and Anti-felting Properties of Wool Fibers
M. Mori
Surface Modification of Plastic Films by Charged Particles
T. Tanaka, K. Vutova, E. Koleva, G. Mladenov and T. Takagi
Photo-Chemical Surface Modification for the Control of Cell Growth on Textile Substrates
T. Bahners, M. Milster, K. Opwis, A. Wego and E. Schollmeyer
Gas-Phase Surface Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes With UV Photo-Oxidation
M. Krysak, A. Jayasekar, B. Parekh, L. Oliveira, T. Debies, K. S. V. Santhanam, R. A. DiLeo, B. J. Landi, R. P. Raffaelle and G. A. Takacs
Surface Modification of Polymers by Ozone.
In Situ FT-IR Analysis of Thermal Ozonolysis Process for Polystyrene Derivatives
T. Kobayashi, W. Kurniawan and M. Arisawa
Direct Fabrication of High Density Polymer Nano-dots by Excimer Laser Irradiation of Block Copolymer Masks
D. U. Ahn and E. Sancaktar
Immobilization of Organometallic Catalysts on Textile Carrier Materials
K. Opwis, T. Mayer-Gall, T. Textor and E. Schollmeyer
Surface Modification of Polyolefin via a Novel Non-vapor and Non-liquid Photografting Method
J. Wang, J. Lei, J. Gao and Q. Li
Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Membranes With Grafted Poly(acrylic Acid) Brushes From Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and Their pH-Dependent Antifouling Properties
G. D. Fu, F. Yao, Y. M. Sun, E. T. Kang and K. G. Neoh
Grafting of Pd-Based Species on Polymer Surfaces Treated With NH3 and N2 Plasmas for Electroless Metallization
M. Charbonnier, F. Gaillard, F. Bessueille and M. Romand
Part 2: Interfacial Aspects and Adhesion
Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Interfacial Shear Strength: Effects of Plasma Surface Treatment and Nanoparticle Addition
A. N. Netravali
Study of Adhesion Strength Between Plasma Polymer Coated Polyester Cords and a Rubber Matrix
I. Hudec, M. Jaššo, M. Cˇernák, L. Cˇernáková and H. Krump
Adhesion of Fluorinated UV-Curable Coatings to Functionalized Polyethylene
R. Bongiovanni, A. DiGianni and A. Priola
The Attachment of Amphiphilic PEGylated Hyperbranched Fluoropolymers to Glass Substrates Through the Use of Adhesive Layers
J. W. Bartels, K. T. Powell, J. Xu, C. Cheng and K. L. Wooley
Developing a Well-Adhered Ni/P Alloy Film on the Surface of Silicone Elastomer for Shielding Electromagnetic Interferences
K. Wang, P. Y. Seah, L. Hong and Z.-L. Liu
Part 3: General Papers
Plasma Homo- and Copolymerization of Allyl Alcohol and Styrene
R. Mix, J. Falkenhagen, R.-D. Schulze, V. Gerstung and J. F. Friedrich
Control of Cylinder-Phase Orientation in SIS Block Copolymer by Homopolymer Blending
D. U. Ahn and E. Sancaktar
Decontamination of Heat-Sensitive Polymer Surfaces Using Low Temperature Plasma Technology
J. Ehlbeck, R. Brandenburg, R. Foest, E. Kindel, U. Krohmann, K. Rackow, M. Stieber, K.-D. Weltmann and T. von Woedtke

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