1st Edition

Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces: Characterization, Modification and Application

Edited By Kash L. Mittal Copyright 1997

    Polymeric materials are used for a legion of applications in a wide array of technological areas, and their proper surface/interface characteristics are of cardinal importance for their applications. Therefore, the need to characterize polymer surfaces/interfaces and their suitable modification to impart desired characteristics is quite patent. This book chronicles the proceedings of the Symposium on Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces: Characterization, Modification and Application held as a part of the Society of Plastics Engineers Annual Technical Conference, Boston, May 7--11, 1995. The articles in this book address many aspects of polymer surfaces and interfaces. Topics covered include: various ways (chemical, photochemical, laser, flame, corona) to modify polymer surfaces; modification of contact lens surfaces; various ways to analyze/characterize polymer surfaces; metal/polymer interfaces; metal/polyimide adhesion; metal/self-assembled organic monolayer interfaces; polymer alignment layers for liquid crystals; alignment of liquid crystal surfaces; polyimide alignment layers; molecular re-orientation of polymer surfaces; plasma polymerized organic coatings; epoxy/fiber interphase; epoxy underfill materials for packaging integrated circuits; transport in polymers; polymer miscibility; and cell adhesion.

    Preface PART 1. POLYMER SURFACE MODIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION New approaches for polymer surface modification D. E. Bergbreiter, B. Srinivas, G.-F. Xu, G. Aguilar, B. C. Ponder, H. N. Gray and A. Bandella A unique photochemical approach for polymer surface modification M. J. Swanson Photochemical modification and etching of PTFE with excimer VUV/UV radiation H. Esrom, J. Y. Zhang and U. Kogelschatz Durability of laser treated reinforced PEEK/epoxy bonded joints A. Buchman. H. Dodiuk, M. Rotel and J. Zahavi Modification of contact lens surfaces: chemistry and characterization P. L. Valint, Jr., G. L. Grobe, III, J. A. McGee, D. A. Ammon, Jr. and C. E. Rabke Tenaciously bound hydrophilic coatings on polymer surfaces M.-S. Sheu, G. M. Patch, I.-H. Loh and D. A. Buretta Surface analysis of polyester film modified by flame and corona surface treatments E. Wallace, Jr., B. B. Sauer and G. S. Blackman A novel microsensor technique for polymer surface characterization K. A. Vetelino, P. R. Story, R. D. Mileham, C. Feger and D. W. Galipeau Surface analysis of polybutadiene grafted lignin material B. Brahimi, B. Riedl and A. Aït-Kadi Measurements of thermodynamic quantities by means of solid/water/vapour and solid/water/hexadecane systems H. Kamusewitz, W. Possart and D. Paul PART 2. METAL/POLYMER INTERFACES TiW adhesion to PMDA-ODA polyimide. Surface and interface chemistry L. P. Buchwalter The effect of NaOH on metal/polyimide adhesion A. O. Ibidunni and B. N. Sweitzer X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study of the reactions between metals (Cr, Ti, Al) and polymers (triazine and polyimide) R. L. Opila, K. Konstadinidis and S. O'Connor Bonding at metal/self-assembled organic monolayer interfaces D. R. Jung, A. W. Czanderna and G. C. Herdt PART 3. POLYMER ALIGNMENT LAYERS FOR LIQUID CRYSTALS Modified cyanoacrylate films for high tilt angle alignment of liquid crystals C. B. McArdle and J. Woods The effect of conductive polymer alignment layers on the orientational response of a liquid crystal W. S. Ahn, Y. C. Kim, D. Y. Kim and C. Y. Kim Alignment of liquid crystal molecules on UV-irradiated poly(vinyl cinnamate) films Y. Iimura and S. Kobayashi Liquid crystal surface alignment on treated and untreated polymer surfaces for LCD applications S. Kobayashi, Y. Iimura, N. Yoshida, H. Akiyama, T. Hashimoto, T. Sugiyama and M. Nishikawa Characteristics of polyimide alignment layers with different surface treatments S.-M. Kim, Y.-M. Koo and J.-D. Kim Microscopic molecular re-orientation of polymer surfaces induced by rubbing and factors determining LC pretilt angles K.-W. Lee, S.-H. Paek, A. Lien, C. Durning and H. Fukuro PART 4. GENERAL PAPERS Plasma-polymerized organic coatings deposited on metals from a DC plasma. Characterization and corrosion performance of such surface modifications W. J. van Ooij, P. J. Barto, S. Eufinger, K. D. Conners and N. Tang Reaction monitoring in the epoxy/fiber interphase using evanescent wave fluorimetry --- instrumentation and methods A. Fuchs and N.-H. Sung Evaluation of epoxy underfill materials for use in ''chip-on-board'' method of packaging silicon integrated circuits C. E. Park, V. R. Raju, H. E. Bair and B. J. Han The effects of polymer molecular weight and temperature on Case II transport in the poly(methyl methacrylate)/methanol system M. M. Hassan, C. J. Durning, H. M. Tong and K. W. Lee Polymer interactions and the influence of molecular structure on polymer miscibility D. J. David Engineering cell shape and function through control of substrate adhesion D. E. Ingber


    K.L. Mittal, K.W. Lee