1st Edition

Polymer Viscoelasticity Stress and Strain in Practice

    902 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Showcasing vital engineering applications to transient and dynamic pertubations of macromolecular materials, structural recovery's role in mechanical responses in the glassy state, and viscoelastic parameters that condition the non-Newtonian behaviour of polymers, this work presents a systematic account of the responses of macromolecular materials to mechanical force fields. It focuses on the most important features of the linear stress-strain relationships for ideal solids and liquids.

    Structure of polymers; crystalline and amorphous states in polymers; rubber elasticity; stress-strain relations for ideal solids and ideal liquids; linear viscoelasticity - viscoelastic functions; dynamic viscoelastic functions; experimental determination of viscoelastic properties; viscoelastic behaviour of polymers above the glass-transition; retardation and relaxation spectra; viscoelastic models; molecular models of the viscoelastic polymers; viscoelasticity of glassy and semicrystalline polymers; flow behaviour of polymer melts and solutions; yield crazing and fracture; reinforced polymers; multiaxial analysis of linear viscoelastic stress; flexion and torsion of viscoelastic rods.


    Evaristo Riande, Ricardo Diaz-Calleja, Margarita Prolongo, Rosa Masegosa, Catalina Salom

    ". . .an excellent tool for self-study as well as for teaching the subject of polymer visco-elasticity....the subject material is logically organized and the book is well-written. The figures are excellent and the solved problems are appropriately illustrative....one of the most comprehensive sources on polymer viscoelasticity."
    ---Polymer News