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Polymer Yearbook 16

Polymer Yearbook 16

1st Edition

By Richard A. Pethrick
June 23, 1999

The "Polymer Yearbooks" provide reviews of Japanese and Russian polymer science not otherwise readily available in English. A desk reference interest to polymer scientists, they contain reviews covering topics in polymer synthesis, degradation, renewable polymer sources, drug release, ...

Polymer Yearbook 13

Polymer Yearbook 13

1st Edition

Edited By Richard A. Pethrick, Gennadi Zaikov, Teiji Tsuruta, Naoyuki Koide
October 01, 1996

Polymer Yearbook 13 brings together reviews and information on the progress of polymer science worldwide, including useful and topical information such as a list of new publications in polymer science and a compilation of dissertation abstracts. This volume includes reviews of key aspects of ...

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