1st Edition

Polymeric Gas Separation Membranes

By D.R. Paul Copyright 1994

    Polymeric Gas Separation Membranes is an outstanding reference devoted to discussing the separation of gases by membranes. An international team of contributors examines the latest findings of membrane science and practical applications and explores the complete spectrum of relevant topics from fundamentals of gas sorption and diffusion in polymers to vapor separation from air. They also compare membrane processes with other separation technologies. This essential book will be valuable to all practitioners and students in membrane science and technology.

    1. Introduction and Perspective D.R. Paul and Y.P. Yampolskii 2. Mechanisms and Theories for Sorption and Diffusion of Gases in Polymers J.H. Petropoulos 3. Relationships between Structure and Transport Properties for Polymers with Aromatic Backbones M.R. Pixton and D.R. Paul 4. Relationships between Structure and Transport Properties for High Free Volume Polymeric Materials N.A. Plat nd Y.P. Yampolskii 5. Membrane Formation for Gas Separation Processes W.J. Koros and I. Pinnau 6. Facilitated and Active Transport E.L. Cussler 7. Unusual Membrane Processes- Non-Steady-State Regimes, Nonhomogeneous, and Moving Membranes I.N. Beckman 8. Membrane Separation of Organic Vapors from Gas Streams R.W. Baker and J.G. Wijmans 9. Industrial Applications of Membranes for Gas Separation in Japan T. Nakagawa 10. Commercial and Practical Aspects of Gas Separation Membranes J.M.S. Henis 11. Comparison of Membranes with Other Gas Separation Technologies R. Prasad, R.L. Shaner, and K. Doshi


    D.R. Paul