1st Edition

Polymers for Vascular and Urogenital Applications

    274 Pages 59 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    274 Pages 59 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In a carefully crafted, multidisciplinary, skillfully focused format, Polymers for Vascular and Urogenital Applications covers attributes of polymers used for vascular, urological, and gynecological materials. It provides a brief analysis of how the use of polymers in vascular and urogenital applications has evolved in the past five decades and outlines their common and specific functional requirements. The book provides a brief description of the evolving role of a particular family of materials and presents topics in highly integrated, well-balanced, authoritatively prepared segments on materials processing and in vitro and in vivo evaluation, complete with case studies.


    • Includes contributions from authors representing a diverse technical group of clinicians with strong science or engineering backgrounds and research interests
    • Supplies a comprehensive link between polymeric biomaterials and their application
    • Provides a brief description of the evolving role of a particular family of materials
    • Discusses recent developments in applications and the rationale for present and future clinical significance

    This book not only integrates clinical needs with current and future research responses but also provides a comprehensive overview to foster future innovation. It illustrates how two important and dissimilar areas in medicine can be interrelated by shared biomaterials and explores the clinical paradigm that establishes the driving force for innovation.

    Introductory Notes
    Drug Delivery Systems for Vascular Disease Therapy, Subbu Venkatraman, Kevin Keith, Yitzhak Rosen, Yingying Huang, Terry W. J. Steele, and Frank Alexis
    Polymeric Biomaterials for Vascular Tissue Engineering, George Fercana and Dan Simionescu
    Polymeric Materials for Vascular Grafts, Shawn J. Peniston and Georgios T. Hilas
    Endovascular Stents, G. Lawrence Thatcher
    Nitric Oxide Delivery for Prevention of Restenosis, Elizabeth A. Lipke, Lakeshia J. Taite, and Jennifer L. West
    Clinical Uses and Applications of Ureteral Stents, Ben H. Chew, Ryan F. Paterson, and Dirk Lange
    Intravaginal Drug Delivery, Jason M. Olbrich, Georgios T. Hilas, and Waleed S. W. Shalaby
    Polymer-Based Scaffolds for Urinary Bladder Tissue Engineering, Srikanth Sivaraman and Jiro Nagatomi
    Vascular and Urogenital Sealants and Blocks, M. Scott Taylor
    Materials and Polymers for Use in Surgical Simulation and Validation, David M. Kwartowitz


    Shalaby W. Shalaby, Karen J.L. Burg, Waleed Shalaby