1st Edition

Polyoxometalates Advances, Properties, and Applications

    382 Pages 36 Color & 80 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    382 Pages 36 Color & 80 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    Polyoxometalates are anionic metal-oxo nanoclusters, which constitute a unique class of compounds owing to their rich solution equilibria and their unique compositional, electronic, reactive, and structural diversity. This book reviews metal-oxide cluster chemistry by covering topics ranging from fundamental aspects (i.e., structure, properties, self-assembly processes, derivatization) to functional materials that incorporate these molecular units, as well as their applications in the fields of current socioeconomic interest, such as energy storage systems, catalysis, molecular electronics, and biomedicine. Edited by prominent researchers in the field of polymer and polyoxometalate chemistries, the book compiles contributions from some of the most distinguished and promising scientists worldwide in such a way that it will appeal to a general readership involved in research areas related to chemistry and materials science.

    1. General Principles and Structural Chemistry of Polyoxometalates
    Estibaliz Ruiz-Bilbao, Leticia Fernández-Navarro, Beñat Artetxe, and Juan M. Gutiérrez-Zorrilla
    2. Polyoxometalate Macroions in Solution
    Jiahui Chen and Tianbo Liu
    3. Rational Design and Self-Assembly of Polyoxometalate-Peptide Hybrid Materials
    Elena Atrián-Blasco, Héctor Soria-Carrera, Rafael Martín-Rapún, and Scott G. Mitchell
    4. Polyoxometalate–Polymer Hybrid Materials
    Leire Ruiz-Rubio, Isabel Moreno, and José Luis Vilas-Vilela
    5. Polyoxometalates in Catalysis
    Juan Alcañiz Monge and Santiago Reinoso
    6. Transition Metal Oxide–Based Storage Materials
    Daniel Malcolm and Laia Vilà-Nadal
    7. Polyoxometalate-Based Redox Flow Batteries
    Ángela Barros, Unai Eletxigerra, Estibaliz Aranzabe, and Marta Hernaiz
    8. Polyoxometalates with Anticancer, Antibacterial and Antiviral Activities
    Manuel Aureliano, Dorinda Marques-da-Silva, Ana Serrano, João Martins, Leonor Faleiro, Custódia Fonseca, Gil Fraqueza, and Ricardo Lagoa


    Leire Ruiz Rubio is associate professor at University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain. Her research is focused on the materials based on organic–inorganic interactions, nanostructured polymer films, 3D/4D printing, and soil/water remediation technologies based on polymers and nanoparticles. Prof. Rubio has published more than 70 articles and supervised 10 master’s theses, 30 bachelor’s theses, and 4 PhD students.

    José Luis Vilas Vilela is professor at the Physical Chemistry Department, UPV/EHU, and head of the Macromolecular Chemistry Group. His research is focused on the synthesis of smart polymers, polymers from no-fossil resources, advanced transformation techniques, and 3D/4D printing of polymeric materials. Prof. Vilas’ work includes more than 200 articles and technical papers and 3 patents, and he has supervised 20 PhD students.

    Beñat Artetxe is assistant professor at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, UPV/EHU. His research interests include polyoxometalate chemistry and applications (optical, magnetic, biological). Prof. Artetxe has co-authored more than 40 articles and supervised BSc, MSc, and PhD students.

    Juan Manuel Gutiérrez-Zorrilla is professor of inorganic chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Technology, UPV/EHU. From 1992 to 1993, he was a visiting scientist at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. His research is focused on polyoxometalate chemistry.