1st Edition

Polyurethane Foam Sorbents in Separation Science

    The purpose of this book is to present in a monographic and systematised form a review of all the literature devoted to polyurethane-based polymeric sorbents in separation chemistry. The primary types of sorbents dealt with are polyurethane foams and open-pore polyurethanes. The structure of the monograph follows this dichotomy. A book of this nature should stimulate thinking and incite its reader to consult the original literature. It will, however, not make such a consultation superfluous. A fair amount of the results described in this monograph constitute the main activity of investigation which took place in the authors laboratories during the past decade.

    1. Polyurethane foam sorbents 2. Open-pore polyurethane (OPP) sorbents


    Tibor Braun Professor Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary. James D. Navratil Research and Development Chemistry, Rockwell International, Golden, Colorado. A.B. Farag Associate Professor Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt.