1st Edition

Pope Innocent II (1130-43) The World vs the City

Edited By John Doran, Damian J. Smith Copyright 2016
    420 Pages
    by Routledge

    420 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The pontificate of Innocent II (1130-1143) has long been recognized as a watershed in the history of the papacy, marking the transition from the age of reform to the so-called papal monarchy, when an earlier generation of idealistic reformers gave way to hard-headed pragmatists intent on securing worldly power for the Church. Whilst such a conception may be a cliché its effect has been to concentrate scholarship more on the schism of 1130 and its effects than on Innocent II himself. This volume puts Innocent at the centre, bringing together the authorities in the field to give an overarching view of his pontificate, which was very important in terms of the internationalization of the papacy, the internal development of the Roman Curia, the integrity of the papal state and the governance of the local church, as well as vital to the development of the Kingdom of Sicily and the Empire.

    Contents: Preface; Innocent II: a very short introduction, Damian J. Smith; Two popes: the city vs the world, John Doran; Innocent II and the empire, I. S. Robinson; Sicut ex scriptis vestris accepimus: Innocent II and the insulae Britanniae et Hiberniae, Anne J. Duggan; Innocent II and Capetian France, Pascal Montaubin; From Aquitaine to Provence: the struggle for influence during the schism of 1130, Ursula Vones-Liebenstein; Innocent II and the Kingdom of Sicily, G. A. Loud; The men who would be kings: Innocent II and Spain, Damian J. Smith; Struggling for ecclesiastical independence in the North, Torben Kjersgaard Nielsen; The transmission of the Councils from 1130 to 1139*, Martin Brett and Robert Somerville; Jura sua unicuique tribuat: Innocent II and the advance of the learned laws, Anne J. Duggan; The livery of loyalty: Innocent II and the Pallium, Steven A. Schoenig, S.J.; Innocent II and the liturgy, John F. Romano; Patronage of art and architecture, Dale Kinney; Index.


    John Doran was Senior Lecturer in Medieval History at University of Chester, UK.

    Damian J. Smith is Associate Professor of Medieval History at Saint Louis University, Missouri, USA.