1st Edition

Popular Culture Cavespace to Cyberspace

    334 Pages
    by Routledge

    334 Pages
    by Routledge

    A comprehensive, informal overview of world history and popular culture.

    Popular Culture: From Cavespace to Cyberspace traces the history of people's cultures from primitive to postmodern times. Educational, informative, and absorbing, this book contains interesting facts on such figures as King Tut, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Madonna, linking you to the world, past and present.

    Popular Culture highlights important historical events such as the American, French, Russian, and Chinese Revolutions while examining world-changing social movements. You will go on a journey through time, exploring the cultures of the world, venturing from cavespace to tomb space, to temple space, then medieval space, to modern space and post-modern epochs, and finally to cyberspace.

    While moving through cultural history, you will explore such stories and discoveries as:

    • the 1991 discovery of Oetzi the Ice Man, who is 5,300 years old
    • the legends of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Americans
    • who or what turned on the light to the Dark Ages
    • the impact of René Descartes: “I think, therefore I am,” and the inspiration of the Enlightenment
    • modernism and the determination to be up to date
    • the incredible 20th century that McDonaldized the world
    • postmodernism and its technology
    • cyburbia and globalism
    Popular Culture contains a wide collection of stories covering cultural phenomena such as Tutmania, the Crusades, the Ninja Turtles, Hamburger University, elitism, Shakespeare, America's Frontier Thesis, The Global Village, and the coming millennium. You will be intrigued by the plethora of fascinating links that Professor Fishwick makes in this comprehensive guide to ever-changing popular culture.

    Contents Foreword
    • Preface
    • What Is Our Goal?
    • Part I: Forethoughts
    • Back to the Ice Age
    • Definitions
    • Popular-Common Culture
    • A Movable Feast
    • Perspectives
    • Words, Words, Words
    • The Prince of Pop
    • Anti-Pop
    • Fame and the Famous
    • The Mosaic As Metaphor
    • New Parameters
    • Part II: Time and Space
    • Time
    • Hurry-Up Time
    • In the Beginning
    • Cavespace
    • Tombspace
    • Templespace
    • Forumspace
    • Medieval
    • F.D.R.
    • Elvis the Incredible
    • Twisting
    • Music
    • Postmodern
    • Some Postmodern Questions
    • Cyberspace
    • The Return of the Luddites
    • Gardenspace to Cyberspace
    • Part III: Themes
    • People
    • Lore
    • Fakelore
    • Poplore
    • Springlore
    • Icons
    • Golden Bangladesh
    • Global Village
    • Part IV: Links
    • East and West
    • Everyman to Everyfan
    • Ray and Ronald
    • Part V: Afterthoughts
    • The Iceman Cometh--Again
    • We Are Out--and Yet . . .
    • Monoculture
    • Fling Wide the Gates!
    • The Pop Heard Round the World
    • Some Final Thoughts
    • Notes
    • Further Reading
    • Index


    Frank Hoffmann (Author) ,  Marshall Fishwick (Author) ,  B Lee Cooper (Author)