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Sense and Nonsense of Statistical Inference Controversy: Misuse, and Subtlety

Sense and Nonsense of Statistical Inference: Controversy: Misuse, and Subtlety

1st Edition

By Charmont Wang
December 16, 1992

This volume focuses on the abuse of statistical inference in scientific and statistical literature, as well as in a variety of other sources, presenting examples of misused statistics to show that many scientists and statisticians are unaware of, or unwilling to challenge the chaotic state of ...

The Fascination of Statistics

The Fascination of Statistics

1st Edition

By Brook
February 24, 1986

This book demonstrates how numbers open up new ways of thinking about problems and addresses current issues for which statistics has practical applications. The articles are classified according to probability, condensing data, testing, estimation, experimental design, prediction, and modelling....

The Statistical Exorcist Dispelling Statistics Anxiety

The Statistical Exorcist: Dispelling Statistics Anxiety

1st Edition

By Hollander
November 30, 1984

For most people, algebra is what makes statistics the devil's work- putting fear and loathing into what otherwise would be an exciting, profitable way to use data to make wise decisions. But all you need is The Statistical Exorcist, plus just enough arithmetic to add, subtract, multiply and divide....

How to Tell the Liars from the Statisticians

How to Tell the Liars from the Statisticians

1st Edition

By Hooke
March 09, 1983

This book shows how statistical reasoning affects all aspects of our lives. It touches on drug testing, discrimination, sports, political polls, compulsive gambling, gun detectors, cancer research, crime and punishment, opinion surveys, advertising, mass production, and doctors' waiting rooms....

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