1st Edition

Population, Economic Growth and Agriculture in Less Developed Countries

By Nadia Cuffaro Copyright 2001

    In 1950 the world population was 2.5 billion; fifty years later there are over 6 billion people. The demographic of this explosion has essentially occurred in the developing areas of the world. The key to understanding many contemporary development problems that have arisen from this rapid growth is in understanding the relationships between population and the economy.
    This book offers an analysis of such relationships, encompassing a review of the major positions in the academic debate.
    Population, Economic Growth and Agriculture in Less Developed Countries will serve as a useful introduction and reference tool for students, academics and all with an interest in the population debate and economics.

    1. Introduction
    Part I: Population and Economic Growth
    2. Population Pessimism
    3. 'Revisionism': Theoretical Background
    Part II: Population Growth and Agriculture
    4. Endogenous Technical Progress in Agriculture
    5. The Response of Institutions
    6. Adjustment Failures
    7. Environmental Implications
    8. Future Challenges for World Agriculture


    Cuffaro Nadia is a Researcher at the University of Cassino, Italy. She has also worked as Economist at the United Nations Secretariat, New York and as a Consultant for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Rome.