1st Edition

Population Since the Industrial Revolution The Case of England and Wales

By Neil Tranter Copyright 1973

    Originally published in 1973, this book is an introduction to the study of population history since the Industrial Revolution and focuses on the experience of England and Wales. It provides both a comprehensive survey of the vast array of specialist literature and a thorough explanation of the sources and methodology of historical demographic analysis. Throughout special emphasis is given to the need to recognise that the historical pattern of population growth in England and Wales has been broadly similar to that observed elsewhere in Western Europe. The sources and techniques of historical demography are discussed and the general outline of population growth between 1688 and 1939 examined. The factors responsible for the dramatic increase in population growth during the late 18th and 19th Centuries are analysed as are the causes of the abrupt down-turn in rate of population following World War 1. The part played by population change in the development of the British economy and the impact of population change on society are also covered. By integrating the social and economic impact of population change with sources and methods, this text fills a gap and will be of essential reading to students in economics, sociology and social history.

    1. Sources and Methods 2. The Growth of Population, 1695-1939 3. The ‘Population Revolution’ 4. The ‘Demographic Transition’ 5. Population and the Economy 6. Population and Society.


    Neil Tranter

    Review of the original edition of Population Since the Industrial Revolution:

    ‘The range of reference is unusually wide…’ W. A. Armstrong, Urban History.