1st Edition

Positive Psychology Across the Lifespan An Existential Perspective

Edited By Piers Worth Copyright 2022
    214 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    214 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Positive Psychology Across the Life Span provides an insight into how we are affected by the different stages of adult development and gives us the opportunity to change through choice rather than leaving change to chance.

    The science of positive psychology offers a wealth of research and evidence-based interventions and shares insights into which habits and behaviours contribute to how to live a flourishing life. This book aims to extend that knowledge by introducing and incorporating key aspects of existential and humanistic psychology and explores positive psychology with a lifespan perspective. It goes beyond theory to look at practical application, with insightful reflective questions. Whilst acknowledging the differences and disagreements between some of the key figures in the subject areas of the book, it seeks to highlight the areas where there is agreement and congruence which have been previously overlooked or ignored.

    The book will be essential reading for students and practitioners of positive psychology as well as other mental health professionals.

    Foreword: Dr. Paul T. P. Wong; Foreword: Carol D. Ryff; 1: Introduction: Positive Psychology Across the Life Span: An Existential Perspective, Piers Worth & Andrew Macon; 2: Change in and over time: Our Journey of Development, Piers Worth; 3: Our Journey of Unfolding Growth, Piers Worth & Andrew Machon; 4: The Journey's Hero: Birth of an Existential Self, Lee Newitt; 5: Our Symbolic Journey – Heroes or Heroines?, Diane Herbert; 6: The Relational Context of Change, Andrew Machon; 7: An Introduction to the Trans-Theoretical Model of Change, Piers Worth; 8: Developing Insight, Andrew Machon; 9: Existential Positive Psychology Interventions In And Over Time, Piers Worth & Lesley Lyle; 10: Revisiting The Nature of Existential Positive Psychology, Piers Worth, Andrew Machon & Lesley Lyle


    Piers Worth Ph.D., is Visiting Professor in Psychology at Buckinghamshire New University, a Chartered Psychologist and Accredited Psychotherapist. Piers’ Ph.D. research focused on how creativity changes as we age, and how it may support positive ageing. His research and writing focus are on subjects and applications that may broaden the base of positive psychology.

    'What is this thing called growth and development? This book offers the best answers to date, based on a stunning integration of past and present realms of knowledge across disciplinary fields – not just subfields of psychology, but also literature, ancient mythology, and classic tales of human becoming. The book then moves to the realm of practice and application, seeking to distill how lives can be better lived. Guided by a profound humanism, it is hard to imagine a more valuable contribution than what these authors have assembled in this beautiful mosaic.'

    Carol Ryff, Professor. University of Wisconsin-Madison

    'This is a beautiful and timely book, one which not only embodies the spirit of the new waves of development in positive psychology, but truly helps it take wing and soar in new directions. Its focus on development throughout the lifespan is very welcome, with invaluable lessons and insights spanning all steps and stages in our great existential journey. Moreover, the book breaks free of the self-limiting boundaries within which positive psychology sometimes finds itself hemmed, drawing on deep wells of thought and scholarship across myriad fields and topics, and bringing these together into a unique and generative synthesis. These not only include developmental and lifespan psychology, as one might hope and expect, but realms such as existential philosophy and psychotherapy, myth and metaphor, language and literature, and religion and spirituality. The authors' collective wisdom and expertise truly shine through across the pages, which are imbued with a generous caring spirit of truly wanting people to flower and become their best selves, something which this book will surely help make possible.'

    Tim Lomas Ph.D., Honorary Reader – University of East London.

    'Positive and Existential Psychology complement each other. Finding the courage to say "yes" to this beautiful & painful life - that is the heart and soul of personal growth. This book will inspire you by providing theory, research, and practice within this positive-existential duo. Edited and co-authored by Piers Worth, one of the leading and courageous voices in positive psychology, this book invites you into your own Hero’s or Heroine’s Journey'

    Itai Ivtzan Ph.D., Director, School of Positive Transformation, Boulder, Colorado.