1st Edition

Post-Dryout Heat Transfer

By G. F. Hewitt, J. M. Delhaye, N. Zuber Copyright 1992

    The study of post-dryout heat transfer has generated great interest because of its importance in determining maximum clad temperature in nuclear reactor loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCAs). An associated phenomenon, the deterioration of heat transfer in boiling, is significant to other industrial sectors. This book provides comprehensive coverage of post-dryout heat transfer, discussing such essential topics as post-dryout heat transfer in dispersed flow, interpretation and use of transient data in surface rewetting by reinstatement of flow or by reducing heat flux, rod bundles, two-phase flow occurrences in the post-dryout region, various methods for predicting "inverted annular flow," and new experiments for measuring thermodynamic nonequilibrium with probes in the channel. The book also presents a basis for independent safety assessment of nuclear reactors and chemical plant systems where post-dryout heat transfer may occur.

    Post-Dryout Heat Transfer will be a useful reference for researchers and professionals in the nuclear and chemical production industries.

    REVIEW OF POST-DRYOUT HEAT TRANSFER IN DISPERSED TWO-PHASE FLOW (J.C. Chen and G. Costigan). Early Experiments. Simple Equilibrium Correlations. Inferred Nonequilibrium. Recent Nonequilibrium Experiments. Generalized Concept for Heat Transfer Models. Nonequilibrium Models. References. QUENCHING PHENOMENA (R.A. Nelson and K.O. Pasamehmetoglu). Limiting Processes for Quenching. Conservation Equations. Coupled Conduction-Hydraulic Models-The Transient Convection Problem. The Quasi-Steady-State Analysis Approach to the Transient Convection Problem. Transient Conduction and Quasi-Steady-State Quenching Models. Steady-State Convective Heat Transfer. Nomenclature. POST-CHF EFFECTS OF SPACER GRIDS AND BLOCKAGES IN ROD BUNDLES (L.E. Hochreiter, M.J. Loftus, F.J. Erbacher, P. Ihle, and K. Rust). Spacer Grid Post-CHF Heat Transfer. Post-CHF Heat Transfer Effects of Flow Blockage. Conclusions and Recommendations. FLOW PHENOMENA IN POST-DRYOUT HEAT TRANSFER (M. Ishii). Review of Experimental Work on Hydrodynamics of Post-CHF Region. Flow Regime in Post CHF Region. Inverted Flow Hydrodynamics. Nomenclature. A REVIEW OF INVERTED ANNULAR AND LOW QUALITY FILM BOILING (D.C. Groeneveld). Heat Transfer Mechanisms. Experimental Data. Prediction Methods. Summary of Recent Studies. Nomenclature. AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF POST-CHF TRANSFER IN A 3x3 ROD BUNDLE (K. Tuzla, C. Unal, and J.C. Chen). The Experimental Facility. Experimental Procedures. Data Reduction. Range of Data. Results and Discussion. Nomenclature.


    G.F. Hewitt