1st Edition

Post-Tensioning in Building Construction

By Bijan O. Aalami Copyright 2023
    264 Pages 210 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Worldwide growth and application of post-tensioning in recent years is one of the major developments in building construction. The growth is propelled by a burgeoning demand for construction of serviceable and safe buildings. Unlike traditional construction, post-tensioning is based on new design methodology often not covered in traditional engineering courses.

    With more than 40 years of experience of study, teaching and work on post-tensioning applications around the world, the author has written this book for students as well as practicing engineers, contractors and academics.

    While the book covers the basics and concepts of post-tensioning in simple and clear language, it also focuses on the application and detailed design through real world examples.

    Topics of the book include the European and the American building Codes for post-tensioning design. The codes are detailed in the book’s examples such as column-supported floors and beam frames. The book explains and highlights the importance of shortening specific to post-tensioned members and construction detailing for serviceable and safe performance.

    1. Post-Tensioning in Buildings. 

    2. Application of Post-Tensioning in Building Construction. 

    3. Basics of Post-Tensioning Design. 

    4. Building Codes for Post-Tensioning Design. 

    5. Column-Supported Floor Example. 

    6. Design of a Post-Tensioned Beam Frame. 

    7. Member Shortening; Precompression: Member Strength. 

    8. Stress Losses in Post-Tensioning. 

    9. Tendon Layout and Detailing. 

    10. Post-Tensioning Construction in Buildings. 


    A practicing structural engineer and software developer, Dr. Bijan Aalami, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at San Francisco State University, is an internationally-renowned educator and leader in the analysis and design of concrete structures, with a specialization in post-tensioning. A native of Iran, he graduated from University of London (Imperial College), and held positions as Professor and Vice-Chancellor of Arya-Mehr (now Sharif) University, followed by an appointment as a Professor of Civil Engineering at San Francisco State University.

    Bijan has made significant contributions to understanding the behavior of post-tensioned buildings and bridges and developing procedures for their design. Bijan's decades of contribution to the post-tensioning industry were recognized through his initiation in the Hall of Fame of the Post-Tensioning Institute. He has received the American Concrete Institute's Design Award for the "application of advanced engineering to a notable concrete structure."

    Bijan is a Chartered Engineer in the UK, and a registered Structural Engineer in California. Bijan has been holding educational courses and engineering webinars throughout the United States and 45 countries worldwide.

    As a Principal of the former ADAPT Corporation (now PTstructures) - a structural engineering firm in California that specializes in the design of concrete structures - Bijan has been engaged in the design and construction of concrete buildings, bridges and special structures, in particular those that are post-tensioned, for over 40 years.

    Bijan was the creator and, for over 20 years, the project leader of the software suite ADAPT, now RISA-ADAPT that is used by concrete design engineers with focus on post-tensioning in more than 75 countries worldwide.

    Dr Bijan Aalami and his family live in Palo Alto, California.