1st Edition

Postcolonlsm Critical Concepts Volume 1

Edited By Diana Brydon Copyright 2004

    First published in 2004. This is Volume I of Postcolonialism part of a series of critical concepts in literary and cultural studies. This edition includes part one framing the field; part two Marxist, Liberation and Resistance Theory and also part three on Manifestos.

    Volume I: Part I Framing the field 1.1 Intellectuals in the Post-Colonial World 1.2 Introduction to The Empire Writes Back 1.3 Poststructuralism, Marginality, Postcoloniality and Value 1.4 Is the Post- in Postmodernism the Post- in Postcolonial? 1.5 Postcolonial Criticism 1.6 Provisional Notes on the Postcolony 1.7 The Angel of Progress: Pitfalls of the Term “Post-Colonialism” 1.8 Can Postcoloniality be Decolonized? Imperial Banality and Postcolonial Power 1.9 The Postcolonial Aura: Third World Criticism in the Age of Global Capitalism 1.10 When Was ‘the Post-Colonial?’ Thinking at the Limit PART 2 Marxist, Liberation and Resistance Theory 2.1 The Modern Theory of Colonisation 2.2 The Truth About the United States 2.3 The Theory and Practice of Satyagraha 2.4 The Place of Imperialism in History 2.5 The Disfranchised Colonies 2.6 Discourse on Colonialism 2.7 A Tryst with Destiny 2.8 Two Prefaces to The Black Jacobins 2.9 Unsettling the Empire: Resistance Theory for the Second World 2.10 Postcolonial Theory versus the Revolutionary Process in the Philippines PART 3 Manifestos 3.1 The Declaration of Independence of the Northern Chiefs, 28 October 1835 3.2 Address to the Nations of the World by the Pan-African Conference in London, 1900 3.3 Proclamation of the Republic of Ireland, 1916 3.4 The Pan-African Congress, Paris 1919: Resolution 3.5 1920 Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World: Universal Negro Improvement Association 3.6 Cannibalist Manifesto 3.7 Declaration to the Colonial Peoples of the World 3.8 Final Communiqué of the Asian-African Conference 3.9 The Antipodean Manifesto 3.10 The Dene Declaration 3.11 We, the indigenous peoples of the world 3.12 We Say No 3.13 The border is .. . (A Manifesto)


    Diana Brydon