1st Edition

Postcolonlsm Critical Concepts Volume III

Edited By Diana Brydon Copyright 2004

    First published in 2004. This is Volume III of Postcolonialism part of a series of critical concepts in literary and cultural studies. This edition includes part six on Orientalisms, part seven on Thinking/Working Through Race and part eight which covers Feminisms and Gender Analysis.

    Volume : III PART 6 Orientalisms 6.1 Orientalism in Crisis.2 Orientalism Reconsidered 6.3 Writing Post-Orientalist Histories of the Third World: Perspectives from Indian Historiography 6.4 After Orientalism: Culture, Criticism, and Politics in the Third World 6.5 Can the "Subaltern" Ride? A Reply to O’Hanlon and Washbrook 6.6 Introduction to Occidentalism 6.7 Vacation Cruises; or, The Homoerotics of Orientalism Part 7 Thinking/Working Through Race 7.1 A Strong Race Opinion on the Indian Girl in Modern Fiction 7.2 Negritude and African Socialism 7.3 The Fact of Blackness 7.4 Black Power - Its Relevance to the West Indies 7.5 An Image of Africa 7.6 The Economy of Manichean Allegory: The Function of Racial Difference in Colonialist Literature 7.7 Haunted Lines: Postcolonial Theory and the Genealogy of Racial Formations in Fiji 7.8 Interior Colonies: Frantz Fanon and the Politics of Identification 7.9 Yellow Skin, White Masks: Race, Class, and Identification in Japanese Colonial Discourse PART 8 Feminisms and Gender Analysis 8.1 Algeria Unveiled 8.2 Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses 8.3 Not You/Like You: Post-Colonial Women and the Interlocking Questions of Identity and Difference 8.4 Feminist Fictions: A Critique of the Category ‘Non-Western Woman’ in Feminist Writings on India 8.5 Response to Julie Stephens 8.6 Unveiling Algeria 8.7 Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to 3rd World Women Writers 8.8 The Discourse of the Veil 8.9 Postmodern Blackness 8.10 Woman Skin Deep: Feminism and the Postcolonial Condition, 8.11 Why Keep Asking Me About My Identity?


    Diana Brydon