1st Edition

Postcolonlsm Critical Concepts Volume IV

Edited By Diana Brydon Copyright 2004

    This is Volume IV of Postcolonialism part of a series of critical concepts in literary and cultural studies. This edition includes Part nine and includes works on internal colonialism and subaltern studies.

    VOLUME IV PART 9 Internal Colonialisms and Subaltern Studies 9.1 Towards an Understanding of the Internal Colonial Model 9.2 South Africa and Imperialism 9.3 The Prose of Counter-Insurgency 9.4 Living in the Interregnum 9.5 Can the Subaltern Speak? 9.6 Subaltern as Perspective 9.7 Postcoloniality and the Artifice of History: Who Speaks for "Indian" Pasts? 9.8 Was There a Hegemonic Project of the Colonial State? 9.9 The Promise and Dilemma of Subaltern Studies: Perspectives from Latin American History


    Diana Brydon