1st Edition

Postcolonlsm Critical Concepts Volume V

Edited By Diana Brydon Copyright 2004

    First published in 2004. This is Volume V of Postcolonialism part of a series of critical concepts in literary and cultural studies. This edition includes part eleven on Globalization, Transculturation and Neo-Colonialism; and part twelve on Postcolonial Theory and The Disciplines.

    VOLUME V: PART 11 Globalization, Transculturation and Neo-Colonialism 11.1 On the Social Phenomenon of "Transculturation" and Its Importance in Cuba 11.2 The Development of Underdevelopment 11.3 Viewpoint 11.4 Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy 11.5 Culture as the Ideological Battleground of the Modern World-System 11.6 Crosscurrents, Crosstalk: Race, ‘Postcoloniality’ and the Politics of Location 11.7 A Borderless World? From Colonialism to Transnationalism and the Decline of the Nation-State 11.8 The Challenge of Globalization: Delinking PART 12 Postcolonial Theory and The Disciplines 12.1 Reprise: Science Fiction, Fictions of Science, and Primatology 12.2 Introduction: Criticism in the Contact Zone 12.3 Film as Ethnography: or, Translation between Cultures in the Postcolonial World 12.4 Diasporic Noise: History, Hip Hop, and the Post-colonial Politics of Sound 12.5 French Colonial Studies and Postcolonial Theory 12.6 Post-Third-Worldist Culture: Gender, Nation, and the Cinema 12.7 Postcolonialism and Political Theory 12.8 Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies: A Space for New Questions


    Diana Brydon