1st Edition

Postdevelopment in Practice Alternatives, Economies, Ontologies

Edited By Elise Klein, Carlos Eduardo Morreo Copyright 2019
    350 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    350 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Postdevelopment in Practice critically engages with recent trends in postdevelopment and critical development studies that have destabilised the concept of development, challenging its assumptions and exposing areas where it has failed in its objectives, whilst also pushing beyond theory to uncover alternatives in practice.

    This book reflects a rich and diverse range of experience in postdevelopment work, bringing together emerging and established contributors from across Latin America, South Asia, Europe, Australia and elsewhere, and it brings to light the multiple and innovative examples of postdevelopment practice already underway. The complexity of postdevelopment alternatives are revealed throughout the chapters, encompassing research on economy and care, art and design, pluriversality and buen vivir, the state and social movements, among others. Drawing on feminisms and political economy, postcolonial theory and critical design studies, the ‘diverse economies’ and ‘world of the third’ approaches and discussions on ontology and interdisciplinary fields such as science and technology studies, the chapters reveal how the practice of postdevelopment is already being carried out by actors in and out of development.

    Students, scholars and practitioners in critical development studies and those seeking to engage with postdevelopment will find this book an important guide to applying theory to practice.

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    Elise Klein & Carlos Eduardo Morreo

    Part I. Theorising a practice of postdevelopment

    1. Postdevelopment at 25: On ‘Being Stuck’ and Moving Forward, Sideways, Backward and Otherwise
    2. Gustavo Esteva & Arturo Escobar

    3. Postdevelopment in Japan: Revisiting Yoshirou Tamanoi's Theory of Regionalism
    4. Yoshihiro Nakano

    5. Postdevelopment’s Forgotten "Other Roots" in the Spanish and Latin American History of Development Thought
    6. Sara Caria & Rafael Dominguez

    7. Revisiting Transition
    8. S. Charusheela

    9. Praxis in World of the Third Contexts: Beyond Third Worldism and Development Studies
    10. Anup Dhar & Anjan Chakrabarti

    11. Crisis as Opportunity: Finding Pluriversal Paths
    12. Ashish Kothari et al.

      Part 2. Siting postdevelopment

    13. Beyond Development: Postcapitalist and Feminist Praxis in Adivasi Contexts
    14. Bhavya Chitranshi

    15. Postdevelopment Alternatives in the North
    16. Aram Ziai, Franziska Müller & Daniel Bendix

    17. "Who Wants a 'Development' that Doesn't Recognize Alternatives? Working with and Against Postdevelopment in Jagatsinghpur, India"
    18. Sandeep Pattnaik & Samantha Balaton-Chrimes

    19. Economic Hybridity in Remote Indigenous Australia as Development Alterity
    20. katherine curchin

    21. Plurinationality as a Strategy: Transforming Local State Institutions Toward Buen Vivir
    22. Miriam Lang

    23. Surviving Well Together: Postdevelopment, Maternity Care and the Politics of Ontological Pluralism
    24. Katharine McKinnon, Stephen Healy and Kelly Dombroski

    25. State-Funded Services Delivery as Cosmopolitical Work: Opportunities for Postdevelopment in Practice in Northern Australia?
    26. Michaela Spencer

    27. Myths of Development: Democratic Dividends and Gendered Subsidies of Land and Social Reproduction in Uganda
    28. Lyn Ossome

    29. Green and Anti-Green revolutions in East Timor and Peru: Seeds, Lies and Applied Anthropology
    30. Christopher J. Shepherd

    31. Body Politics and Postdevelopment
    32. Wendy Harcourt

    33. Manoeuvring Political Realms: Alternatives to Development in Haiti
    34. Julia Schöneberg

    35. Technoaffective Reinscriptions: Networks of Care and Critique ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ of Europe in the Age of Precarity
    36. Anyely Marin Cisneros & Rebecca Close

    37. Design Futuring in a Borderland of Postdevelopment
    38. Tony Fry

    39. Is Contemporary Art Postdevelopmental? A Study of ‘Art as NGO’

    Verónica Tello

    21. Postdevelopment in Practice, an Invitation

    Elise Klein & Carlos Eduardo Morreo



    Elise Klein is a Senior Lecturer of Development Studies in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia

    Carlos Eduardo Morreo teaches Development Studies and International Political Economy in the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University

    "In Postdevelopment in Practice, dynamic co-editors Elise Klein and Carlos Eduardo Morreo combine their talents to provide an inspirational volume. They marshal an exceptional group of emerging and established critical thinkers—academics, activists and artists from the global South and North—to explore alternate ways of being and living in a world that is increasingly hazardous to human and non-human species alike. This absorbing book theoretically interrogates and empirically documents diverse forms of ‘postdevelopment in practice’. Its future-focused perspectives will challenge and richly reward the politically-engaged reader." -- Jon Altman, Emeritus Professor, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia