1st Edition

Powders and Grains 2005, Two Volume Set Proceedings of the International Conference on Powders & Grains 2005, Stuttgart, Germany, 18-22 July 2005

    1510 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This volume contains the proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on the Micromechanics of Granular Media, Powders and Grains 2005. Powders and Grains is an international scientific conference held every 4 years that brings together engineers and physicists interested in the micromechanics of granular media.

    The book is a guide to the hottest topics in the general problem of the microscopic description and understanding of granulates. Powders and Grains offer an excellent overview of the state of the art research on granular media. Authors from all over the world and different backgrounds discuss their most up-to-date research interests and results in more than 280 concise articles. Included are experimental, numerical, and theoretical investigations by both engineers and physicists. The result is a valuable tool for engineers, physicists as well as for applied mathematicians, geologists, and other scientists concerned with problems ranging from the most basic and theoretical, to the daily problems of industry production, process performance or construction design.

    The breadth and depth of the conference is clearly indicated by the topics discussed.


    • Granular solids: Packing Geometry; Force transmission and Force equilibrium; Micromechanics and Macroscopic Behavior; Quasi-static Shear; Biaxial and Triaxial Tests; Sound transmission and Conduction; Compaction; Jamming
    • Continuum Modelling: Theory and Numerics.
    • Cohesion: Cohesive properties; Cohesive Flow; Humidity and Cohesion; Sintering, Aggregation and Granulation
    • Particle Properties: Particle interactions; Particle size and Polydispersity, Particle shape; Crushable grains and Fracture, .
    • Granular Liquids: Shear flows; Hoppers and Silos; Channel and Chute Flow, Flow around obstacles; Surface flow and Avalanches.
    • Fluid and Particles: Dunes, Ripples, and Sediment Transport; Fluidized Beds, Conveying, Bubbles; Suspensions; Saturated granular matter.



     Institute for Computational Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany (for all editors)