2nd Edition

Power Distribution Planning Reference Book

By H. Lee Willis Copyright 2004
    1244 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Providing more than twice the content of the original edition, this new edition is the premier source on the selection, development, and provision of safe, high-quality, and cost-effective electric utility distribution systems, and it promises vast improvements in system reliability and layout by spanning every aspect of system planning including load forecasting, scheduling, performance, and economics. Responding to the evolving needs of electric utilities, Power Distribution Planning Reference Book presents an abundance of real-world examples, procedural and managerial issues, and engineering and analytical methodologies that are crucial to efficient and enhanced system performance.

    Preface, 1 Power Delivery Systems 2 Consumer demand and Electric Load 3 Electric Load, Coincidence and Behavior 4 Power System Reliability 5 Economic and Evaluation of Cost 6 Evaluation, Prioritization and Approval 7 Equipment Ratings, Loadings, Lifetime, and Failure 8 Equipment Failures and System Performance References 9 Load Reach and Volt-V AR Engineering 10 Distributed Resources 11 Basic Line Segment and Transformer Sizing Economics 12 Choosing the Right Set of Line and Equipment Sizes References and Bibliography 13 Distribution Feeder Layout 14 Feeder Layout, Switching, and Reliability 15 Multi-Feeder Layout 16 Distribution Substations 17 Distribution System Layout 18 Substation Siting and System Expansion Planning 19 Service Level Layout and Planning 20 Planning Goals and Criteria 21 Reliability-Related Criteria and Their Use 22 Distribution Circuit Electrical Analysis 23 Distribution System Reliability Analysis Methods 24 Automated Planning Tools and Methods 25 T &D Load Forecasting Methods 26 Planning and the T &D Planning Process 27 Practical Aspects of T &D Load Forecasting 28 Balancing Reliability and Spending 29 Objectivity, Bias, and Accuracy in Planning 30 Key Points, Guidelines, Recommendations


    H. Lee Willis, ABB Inc. Raleigh, North Carolina.

    "A landmark book. Simply the best guideā€¦on how to lay out a distribution system so you get every last penny's worth of value from it."

    -Michael V. Engel, Director of Planning and Operations, Midwest Energy, Hays, Kansas, U.S.A.