1st Edition

Power Engineering and Information Technologies in Technical Objects Control 2016 Annual Proceedings

    294 Pages
    by CRC Press

    294 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Improved knowledge in the field of technical objects operation and control helps manufacturers to decrease energy consumption and keep construction costs low. Moreover, it helps dealing effectively with environmental problems and switching to renewable forms of energy on the path of sustainable development of the society. The methods and technologies presented in this book will allow to improve the effectiveness of technical objects control and helps achieving safe, economical, high-quality usage of power engineering and information technologies.

    The book presents recent advances in power engineering, electric drives, transport systems, power electronics, cybersecurity and others. Vital issues of innovative small vehicles with using hydrogen fuel as well as boring rigs and underwater hydraulic transport pipelines are considered.
    The book offers a fresh look at energy-saving and energy efficiency in industry, new ideas in information technologies, paying much attention to interdisciplinary specification of the results obtained.

    Power engineering
    Electric drives
    Transport systems
    Power electronics
    Energy saving
    Energy efficiency


    Gennadiy Pivnyak  (1940) graduated from Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute in 1963 (nowadays the National Mining University) with a specialization in Engineering Electromechanics. He has been affiliated with the NMU since 1963. He has been the Rector (since1982), Head of Electric Power Supply Systems Department (since1976). In 1967, he was awarded Candidate of the Technical Sciences degree, then - Doctor of the Technical Sciences (in 1981). He held the titles of Senior Lecturer (since 1970), Professor (since 1983), Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine (since 1992), and the Academician of the NAS of Ukraine (since 1997).
    He is a prominent scientist in the field of power engineering. Being the founder of scientific school of mining and metallurgical power engineering, he developed general theory, design concept and synthetic procedures of powerful systems of electromagnetic transmission of overfrequency energy. His fundamental research helped to implement the latest electrotechnics for mining and metallurgical industry and machine-building industry, supply equipment for electric drive, transport and equipment with specific load.

    Olexandr Beshta (1957) graduated in 1979 from the National Mining University (at that time - Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute). After graduating from NMU he worked for three years at the plant. Doctor of technical sciences (2001), professor (2002), Head of electric drives department, the Dean of Electrical engineering faculty (2002), Vice-rector for science (2006). He has been working at NMU since 1982.
    During his work at NMU he has published more than 140 scientific papers, 6 monographs on the efficient use of energy potential of geotechnical systems, parameters identification of complex electromechanical systems in solving energy, resource saving problems, theoretical and practical experience of energy saving by means of electric drive and issues of electromagnetic compatibility, 5 copyright certificates, 16 patents of Ukraine, 3 textbook devoted to automated electric drive in metallurgical production.

    Mykhaylo Alekseyev, Doctor of technical sciences, professor of Software Engineering Department holds the position since 2011. In 1972 he graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. In 1982 he defended his candidate dissertation on "Spectral methods of diagnostic features formation for objects with random rhythmic processes", in 2011 - doctoral thesis on "Automated monitoring of control objects parameters based on rearranged spectral operators".
    Mykhaylo Alekseyev  is a specialist in the development of methods for complex objects automatic control and functional monitoring. His research interests concern the field of control processes automation. He has over 90 scientific papers, holds the title of Academician of the Russian Academy of Education Informatization.