1st Edition

Power Hybrid Circuit Design & Manufacture

By Haim Taraseiskey Copyright 1996

    "Discusses the fundamental design principles, capabilities, and applications of power hybrid microcircuits and modules--detailing the operation of power semiconductor and passive components, the properties of materials, design guidelines, thermal management, and manufacturing technologies."

    Hybrid microcircuit technology; component parts; materials; power hybrid design; thermal management and control; manufacturing; applications.


    Haim Taraseiskey

    "This handbook concentrates on a variety of design and manufacturing techniques and materials used in high reliability military and commercial power hybrids. . .into a conveniently compact, readable and yet authoritative reference. It was developed to provide a hands-on approach to learning the necessary tools and techniques. . .. . . .should be in the hands of every designer of hybrid circuits. "
    ---Microelectronics and Reliability