1st Edition

Power Quality VAR Compensation in Power Systems

By R. Sastry Vedam, Mulukutla S. Sarma Copyright 2008
    304 Pages 101 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Both deregulation in the electrical supply industry and the creation of new electricity markets present electric utility companies with the challenge of becoming more efficient without compromising quality of service.

    Providing new solutions for this newly deregulated paradigm, Power Quality: VAR Compensation in Power Systems presents comprehensive coverage of power quality, harmonics, and static var compensators in one single volume. The book explains how to ensure that power quality is not affected by the harmonics generated by power electronic equipment and explains how to reduce labor costs and increase reliability of supply by employing a single pole autoreclosing scheme. It also addresses how to analyze frequency response of current transformers and voltage transformers while measuring harmonics.

    Based on the authors’ extensive experience in the electric supply industry, Power Quality enables engineers to meet the demands of increased loads, strengthen their transmission systems, and ensure reliable electric supply.

    Power Quality
    Importance of Power Quality
    Common Disturbances in Power Systems
    Short-Duration Voltage Variation
    Long-Duration Voltage Variations
    DC Offset
    Voltage Fluctuations
    Power Frequency Variations
    Solutions to Power Quality Problems
    Ambiguous Terms
    CBEMA and ITI Curves
    Features of Voltages in Power Systems
    Reactive Power in Power Systems with Harmonic Distortion
    Power Quality Data Collection
    Static Var Compensators
    Static Var Compensator Systems Versus Synchronous Condensers, Capacitors, and Reactors
    Shunt and Series Compensation
    Fundamentals of Load Compensation
    Reactive Power Relationships Between Wye- and Delta-connected Systems
    Static Var Compensators for Transmission Systems
    A Case Study (Australia): Central Queensland Railway Project
    Chester–Maine SVC Project
    Control of Static Var Compensators
    Control Systems for SVCs in Transmission System Applications
    Control Systems for SVCs in Traction Applications
    Phase-Locked Oscillator Control System
    Implementation Details of a Programmable High-Speed Controller
    Converter Harmonics
    Single-Phase Power Supplies
    DC Drives
    AC Drives
    Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
    Telecontrol Signals
    Harmonics in Rotating Machines
    Harmonics in arc Furnace Loads
    Harmonic in a Thyristor-Controlled Reactor
    The K-Factor
    Utility Harmonic Regulations and Standards
    Undesirable Effects of the Harmonics
    Specification of the Harmonic Limits
    Philosophical Differences between IEEE 519-1992 and IEC 61000 Series Standards
    IEEE 519-1992
    IEC 61000 Series Standards
    General Comments on the Standards
    Application of the Standards
    Examples of the Harmonic Studies
    Harmonic Filters
    Undesirable Effects of Harmonics
    Harmonic Sources
    Types of Filters
    AC Network Impedance
    Design of Single-Tuned Filters
    Design of Double-Tuned Filters
    Filter Performance Evaluation
    Design of Damped Filters
    Filter Component Ratings
    Computational Tools and Programs for the design and Analysis of Static Var Compensators and Filters
    Computational Tools
    Digital Computers
    Analog Computers
    Special Problems in the Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits
    Transient Electrical Network Analyzers
    Special-Purpose Simulators
    Computer Programs
    Monitoring Power Quality
    Site Surveys
    IEC-Recommended Measurement Techniques for Harmonics
    Necessity for the Measurement of Harmonic Voltages and Currents
    Harmonic Monitoring System
    Continuous Harmonic Analysis in Real Time (CHART)
    Presentation of Harmonic Measurements
    Examples of Projects Needing Harmonic Monitoring in the Powerlink Queensland System, Australia
    IEC Flicker Meter
    Losses in the Power System
    Switching Surges
    Shunt Reactor Installations in EHV Lines
    Determination of Shunt Reactor Rating
    Choice of Voltage Level for Shunt Reactor Connection
    Single-Pole Auto-Reclosing of Transmission Lines
    Types of Reactors Based on their Function
    Construction of Reactors
    Capacitor BanksCapacitor Bank Connections
    Protection of Capacitor Banks
    Capacitor Bank Switching
    Series Capacitors
    Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs)
    Fast Fourier Transforms
    Fourier Series
    Symmetrical Properties of Waveforms
    Sinc Function
    Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
    Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
    Cooley–Tukey Algorithm
    FFT of Two Real Functions Simultaneously
    Mixed Radix FFT
    Split-Radix FFT
    FFT Pruning
    The Convolution Integral
    Auto- and Cross-Correlation Functions
    Pitfalls of the Discrete Fourier Transform
    Guidelines for using FFT for Harmonic Analysis


    Vedam, R. Sastry; Sarma, Mulukutla S.