176 Pages
    by Routledge

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    Looking at the different ways power has been theorised from Hobbes to Giddens, this book analyzes the ways in which the theories have been applied. By bringing together theory and substantive analysis, this invaluable introductory text provides a clear and imaginative account of power and power relations. Processes and structures of power are analyzed within key areas of sociological concern, including:

    * the history of power
    * race
    * gender
    * class
    * sexuality
    * the spatial and visual.

    Investigating a wide range of cases from across the globe, including the 'underclass' in Britain, the power of the military in Latin America, the untouchables in India and the politics of new reproductive technologies, Dr Sallie Westwood adopts a popular approach to the subject, looking at the processes of power as well as structure and at how they function in everyday life.

    Introduction 1. A Brief History of Power 2. Racialised Power 3. Class and Power 4. Engendered Power 5. Sexualised Power 6. Spatial Power 7. Visual Power 8. Re-inventing Power.


    Sallie Westwood is professor of sociology at the University of Leicester