1st Edition

Practical Applications of Phosphors

Edited By William M. Yen, Shigeo Shionoya, Hajime Yamamoto Copyright 2007
    528 Pages 330 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Drawn from the second edition of the best-selling Phosphor Handbook, Practical Applications of Phosphors outlines methods for the production of various phosphors and discusses a broad spectrum of applications. Beginning with methods for synthesis and related technologies, the book sets the stage by classifying and then explaining practical phosphors according to usage. It describes the operating principle and structure of phosphor devices and the phosphor characteristics required for a given device, then covers the manufacturing processes and characteristics of phosphors.

    The book discusses research and development currently under way on phosphors with potential for practical usage and touches briefly on phosphors that have played a historical role, but are no longer of practical use. It provides a comprehensive treatment of applications including lamps and cathode-ray tubes, x-ray and ionizing radiation, and for vacuum fluorescent and field emission displays and covers inorganic and organic electroluminescence materials. The book also covers phosphors for plasma displays, organic fluorescent pigments, and phosphors used in a variety of other practical applications. Emphasizing the practical and cutting-edge nature of the material included, the editors round out their coverage with a discussion of solid-state and organic laser materials.

    Method of Phosphor Synthensis and Related Technology
    General Technology of Synthesis, K. Narita
    Inorganic Nanoparticles and Nanostructures of Phosphor Applications, B.M. Tissue
    Preparation of Phosphors by the Sol-Gel Technology, W. Jia and D. Jia
    Surface Treatment, S. Inaho and T. Hase
    Coating Methods, Y. Tomita
    Fluorescent and Other Lamps, S. Nakajima and Y. Itsuki
    Dispersive Properties and Adhesion Strength, M. Tamatani

    Phosphors for Lamps
    Construction and Energy Conversion Principle of Various Lamps, S. Kamiya
    High Pressure Mercury and Other Lamps, K. Kohmoto
    Characteristics Required for Lamp Phosphors, K. Narita
    Practical Lamp Phosphors, S. Kamiya and H. Mizuno
    Phosphors for High Pressure Mercury Lamps, K. Murakami
    Quantum Cutting Phosphors, R.S. Meltzer
    Phosphors for White Light-Emitting Diodes, H. Tamaki and Y. Murasaki

    Phosphors for Cathode-Ray Tubes
    Cathode-Ray Tubes, T. Yoshioka and M. Ogawa
    Practical Phosphors, S. Inaho and T. Hase
    Practical Phosphors, K. Ohno
    Phosphors for Observation and Special Tubes, K. Awasu and N. Hashimoto
    Listing of Practical Phosphors for Cathode-Ray Tubes, S. Inaho and T. Hase

    Phosphors for X-Ray and Ionizing Radiation
    Phosphors for X-Ray and for TL Dosimetry, N. Miura
    Scintillators, M. Kobayashi and M. Ishii
    Phosphors for X-Ray Images Intensifiers, T. Takahara
    Photostimulable Phosphors for Radiographis Imaging, K. Takahara
    Photostimulable Phosphors for Radiographis Imaging, K. Takahashi

    Phosphors for Vacuum Fluorescent Displays and Field Emission Displays
    Vacuum Fluorescent and Field Displays, K. Morimoto

    Electroluminescence Materials
    Inorganic Electroluminescence Materials, M. Yoshida, A. Mikami, and T. Inoguchi
    Inorganic Electroluminescence, S. Tanaka, H. Kobayashi, and H. Sasakura
    Phosphors for Lamps and Light Emitting Diodes, C. Adachi and T. Tsutsui

    Phosphors for Plasma Display
    Plasma Display Phosphors, T. Kojima
    Discharge Gases, T. Kojima
    Vaccum-Ultra Violet Phosphors and Their Characteristics, T. Kojima
    Characteristics of Full Color Plasma Display Panel, T. Kojima
    Phosphors for Plasma Displays(PDP), R.P. Rao

    Organic Fluorescent Pigments
    Daylight Fluorescence and Fluorescent Pigments, S. Miyahara
    Manufacturing Methods of Fluorescent Pigments, S. Miyahara
    Use of Fluorescent Pigments, S. Miyahara

    Other Phosphors
    Infrared Conversion Phosphors, Y. Mita
    Luminous Paints, Y. Murayama and Matsuzawa
    Long Persistent Phosphors, X. Wang and D. Jia
    Phosphors for Marking, A. Suzuki

    Solid State Laser Materials
    Laser Materials, W.M. Yen


    William M. Yen, Shigeo(decease) Shionoya, Hajime Yamamoto