1st Edition

Practical Aspects of Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry, Volume II

Edited By Raymond E. March, John F.J Todd Copyright 1995
    240 Pages
    by CRC Press

    By delivering concentrated information in three different volumes, the editors of the Practical Aspects of Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry mini-series present in-depth reviews on mainstream developments in each active and popular area. Contributing authors provide concise reports illustrating successful approaches to difficult analytical problems across the basic scientific disciplines.
    Ion Trap Instrumentation, the second volume in the series, conveys an appreciation of the ion trap as a versatile instrument which is used successfully in research and in applications, often in tandem with other instruments or components, such as external ion sources and lasers.

    The book begins with a discussion of high resolution mass spectrometry and mass measurement accuracy. It then demonstrates that trajectories of high kinetic energy ions can be controlled so that such ions are confined. It provides applications of lasers to the study of trapped ions the laser photodissociation of gaseous ions confined within the ion trap. The book concludes with physics applications of the ion trap, in particular, the Penning trap and the Paul trap.

    Enhancement of Ion Trap Performance
    High Mass, High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Jon D. Williams, Kathleen A. Cox, Jae C. Schwartz, and R. Graham Cooks
    Ion Trap Confinement of Externally-Generated Ions
    Injection of Mass-Selected Ions into the Radiofrequency Ion Trap, Peter Kofel
    Electrospray and the Quadrupole Ion Trap, Scott A. McLuckey, Gary J. Van Berkel, and Gary L. Glish, Jae C. Schwartz
    Ion Structure Differentiation in an Ion Trap
    Evaluation of the Polarizability of Gaseous Ions, Olga Bortolini and Pietro Traldi
    Lasers and the Ion Trap
    Photodissociation in the Ion Trap, James L. Stephenson, Jr. and Richard A. Yost
    Laser Desorption in a Quadropole Ion Trap, Jennifer S. Brodbelt, Rafael R. Vargas, and Richard A. Yost
    Ion Traps in the Study of Physics
    High Precision Mass Spectrometry in the Penning Trap, Fernande Vedel and Gunther Werth
    The Paul Trap as a Collection Device, Robert B. Moore and M. David Lunney


    Raymond E. March, John F.J Todd