Practical Controls : A Guide To Mechanical Systems book cover
1st Edition

Practical Controls
A Guide To Mechanical Systems

ISBN 9780824746186
Published June 17, 2003 by River Publishers
484 Pages

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Book Description

Geared toward the HVAC professional, Practical Controls: A Guide to Mechanical Systems provides a solid foundation and well-rounded understanding of the role of controls in mechanical systems design and installation. This book takes a concise look at HVAC controls and controls methods - including electrical, electronic, and microprocessor-based controls and control systems. Using "real world" examples, it explores how various mechanical systems installed in today's facilities are best controlled. The text is a practical resource to controls contracting, providing basic rules, equipment guidelines, rules of thumb, pros and cons, and do's and don'ts.

Table of Contents



Mechanical Systems

Controls and Control Systems

Mechanical Systems and Equipment Overview

Airside Systems and Equipment

Waterside Systems and Equipment

Miscellaneous Systems and Equipment

Introduction to Controls: Methods of Control

Control Methods

Two-Position Control

Staged Control

Proportional Control

P+I and PID Control

Floating Control

Sensors and Controllers


Controllers: A General Description

Single-stage or Two-position Controllers

Multistage Controllers and Thermostats

Proportional and Floating Controllers

DDC Controllers

Safety Devices

End Devices

Relays and Contactors


Dampers and Actuators

Control Valves

Variable Frequency Drives

Common Control Schemes


Night Setback and Morning Warm-up

Economizer Operation

1/3, 2/3 Control of Steam

Face/Bypass Damper Control


Primary/Backup Operation

Lead/Lag Operation


Rooftop Units

Single Zone Systems

Reheat Systems

RTU Zoning Systems

VAV Systems

Make-up Air Units

Packaged Make-up Air Units

100 Percent Outside Air

Packaged Make-up Air Units

Return Air Capabilitie

Built Up Make-up Air Units with Electric Heating

Built Up Make-up Air Units with Steam Heating

Make-up Air Units—Addition of Cooling

Fan Coil Units

Staged Control of Both Heating and Cooling

Staged Heating and Proportional Cooling

(or Vice Versa)

Proportional Heating and Cooling

Dual-Temp or Two-Pipe Systems

Built Up Air Handling Units

Basic Components

Common Controls

Formulas and Analysis Tools

Single Zone Systems

Reheat Systems

VAV Systems

Typical Sequences of Operation

Ventilation Strategies

RTU Zoning Systems and

Stand-alone Zone Dampers

System Components

Operational Characteristics

Typical RTZ System Sequence of Operation

Stand-alone Zone Dampers

VAV and Fan Powered Boxes

Types of VAV and Fan Powered Boxes

Cooling-only VAV Boxes

VAV Boxes With Electric Reheat

VAV Boxes With Hot Water Reheat

Fan Powered Boxes With Electric or Hot Water Heat ..

Constant Volume Terminal Units

Typical Sequences of Operation

Reheat Coils

Electric Reheat Coils

Hot Water and Steam Reheat Coils

Exhaust Fans and Systems

Manually Controlled Exhaust

Interlocked Exhaust

Time-of-Day Controlled Exhaust

Temperature and Pressure Controlled Exhaust

Pumps and Pumping Systems

Single Pump Systems

Two and Three Pump Systems

Variable Frequency Drive Pumping Systems

Primary/Secondary Pumping Systems

System Bypass Control


Hot Water Boilers—Single Boiler Systems

Hot Water Boilers—Systems with Multiple Boilers

Steam Boilers—Single and Multiple Boiler Systems

Combustion Air


Air Cooled Chillers

Split System Chillers

Water Cooled Chillers

Multiple Chiller Systems

Refrigerant Monitoring/Ventilation Systems

Heat Exchangers

Steam-to-Water Heat Exchangers

Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers


Steam-utilizing Humidifiers

Steam-generating Humidifiers

Unitary Heating Equipment

Unit Heaters

Cabinet Unit Heaters and Wall Heaters

Baseboard Heaters

Computer Room A/C Systems

Air Cooled Systems

Tower Water Systems

Glycol Cooled Systems

Water Cooled Systems

Water Cooled Equipment

Condenser Water Systems




Control Symbols Abbreviations


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