1st Edition

Practical Ethics in Occupational Health

    Explains the NHS as a political environment, and concentrates on understanding the relationships of power rather than on the role of apparent authority. The book presents a range of management frameworks and personal examples to illustrate what a primary-care-led NHS means.

    Changing life at work. Ethics, research-informed practice and quality improvement. Ethical analysis. The ethics of risk assessment. The ethics of workplace interventions. Workplace health surveillance. Health examinations on new employment - ethical issues. Work-disability assessment in the Netherlands. Sickness-absence management. Reducing sick-leave: swimming upstream - positioning and multiple loyalities. A case of workplace drug and alcohol testing in a UK transport company. Alcohol abuse in the workplace - some ethical considerations. Blood-borne viruses as workplace hazards. Workplace rehabilitation. Insurance medicine and work-related diseases - some ethical and legal aspects. Recognition of work-related diseases. Workplace genetic screening. Occupational health research. The ethics of health and safety services - a trade-union perspective. Employer attitudes to ethics in occuptional health Whistleblowing. Education in ethics. Ethical occupational health management and organization.Professional codes of ethics. Concluding remarks.


    Peter Westerholm (Author) , Tore Nilstun (Author) , John Ovretveit (Author)