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Practical Guides to Neuroimaging

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The Practical Guides to Neuroimaging series includes accessible and user-friendly guides to using neuroimaging in psychological research. Books in the series will help students gain a solid understanding of neuroimaging techniques and provide support to academics and practitioners in teaching these topics. Each book in the series outlines a history of the neuroimaging method, how to use the method, how to read the data and when the method should be used. Written by experienced authors and full of examples and images, these practical guides will be essential reading for those starting out in neuroimaging research.

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Working with MEG A Practical Guide to Magnetoencephalography

Working with MEG: A Practical Guide to Magnetoencephalography

1st Edition

By Gavin Perry
October 14, 2022

Working with MEG provides an accessible, user-friendly guide to using magnetoencephalography (MEG) in neuroscience research. In this novel guide, Gavin Perry delves into the practical aspects of designing, running and analysing MEG studies – which have traditionally been transferred informally by ...

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