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Practical Insurance Guides

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The practical titles in this series provide insurance professionals and legal practitioners with a range of manuals for day-to-day use on key aspects of the insurance industry including insurance, reinsurance and insurance fraud. Our authors have extensive experience in the sector, and are considered experts in the field.

Our guides contain useful case studies and applied examples, and are intended to assist industry professionals as well as students and practitioners of insurance law.

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Tackling Insurance Fraud Law and Practice

Tackling Insurance Fraud: Law and Practice

1st Edition

By Lynne Skajaa, Dexter Morse
December 01, 2004

Insurance fraud is a growing problem on a global scale. The ABI estimates that fraudulent insurance claims on motor and household policies alone cost insurers in excess of £1 billion every year. This book provides an analysis of the insurance industry’s response to the problem and examines fraud ...

A Practical Guide to the Insurance Act 2015

A Practical Guide to the Insurance Act 2015

1st Edition

By David Kendall, Harry Wright
August 04, 2017

The Insurance Act 2015 ('the Act') is the first comprehensive statutory reform of the insurance law of the United Kingdom since the Marine Insurance Act 1906. It introduces thorough and, in some cases, fairly drastic reform of some of the core tenets of UK insurance law, including: the insured’s ...

Reinsurance London Market Practice

Reinsurance: London Market Practice

2nd Edition

By Carol Boland
December 10, 2014

This is a useful handbook for anyone involved in the current London Market. It leads the insurance professional through all aspects of reinsurance practice from the development of reinsurance to the methods used including: risk placement, legal contracts, policy wordings, accounting, claims and ...

Insurance Law: An Introduction

Insurance Law: An Introduction

1st Edition

Edited By Robert Merkin
July 01, 2007

Insurance Law – An Introduction is essential reading and will provide you with a thorough understanding of all the main areas including motor, property, financial and marine insurance. The book contains the latest case law and best practice with reference to problem areas including fraudulent ...

A Guide to Reinsurance Law

A Guide to Reinsurance Law

1st Edition

Edited By Robert Merkin
July 20, 2007

This practical guide offers a useful introduction to reinsurance, taking you step by step through the associated issues you really need to know about. An introduction is provided, setting the scene for further chapters on key topics such as the formation of agreements, terms, rights and obligations...

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