Practical Investigation Techniques  book cover
1st Edition

Practical Investigation Techniques

ISBN 9780849381515
Published August 16, 1994 by CRC Press
416 Pages

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Book Description

Practical Investigation Techniques is useful for new as well as veteran investigators to establish a practical standard for conducting a wide range of diverse criminal investigations. Written by a veteran investigator, the book teaches the proper investigative techniques for such criminal activities as extortion, blackmail, credit card fraud, check fraud, fencing operations, employee theft, sports gambling, money laundering, and shoplifting rings. Practical Investigation Techniques is presented in an easy-to-read format and provides a wealth of specific investigation techniques, checklists, and case studies.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Motivation for Today's Crime. Interrelationship of Crime and Drugs. Steps Needed to Conduct a Successful Investigation. Administrators: How to Get Permission to Continue. Mind Set of the Investigator. Creativity in Law Enforcement. Role of the Investigator. Criminal Investigator. How to Identify Targets. Receipt and Validation of Information: Sources of Information: Outside Law Enforcement Sources. Dealing with Informants. Validation of Information. Bank Records. Appendices. Civil Forfeiture: Why Use Civil Forfeiture. Advantages of Civil Forfeiture. Federal Forfeitures. Planning for the Seizure of Property. Shoplifting: Habitual Shoplifters. Steps to Be Taken to Attack the Problem. Benefits of a Coalition for Law Enforcement. Benefits of a Coalition for Businesses. Security and Loss Prevention Surveys. Case Examples of Informants: Shoplifter. Shoplifter and Narcotics. Tavern Fencing. Employee Theft. Sports Bookmaking Investigation. Employee Theft and Fencing Stolen Property. NSF Checks. How to Chart Investigations: Qualities of an Infiltration Specialist. Cover Story. Role Camouflage. Infiltration Techniques. Covert Equipment. Surveillance. Types of Surveillance. Air Coverage. Important Surveillance Tips. Preparation for Surveillance: How Do You Begin? Appendices. Search Warrants: Probable Cause Development. Search Warrants. Appendix. Auto Theft: What Is Auto Theft? What Is the First Step? Type of Investigation. Case Examples: Car-Jacking. Vehicle Theft Ring. Vehicle Theft. Bad Checks: Case Examples: Check Fraud. Stolen Cashier's Checks. Counterfeit Clothing: A Case Example. Credit Cards: Case Examples: Employee Theft. Stolen Credit Card Delivery. Credit Card Fraud (1). Credit Card (2). Fencing Stolen Property: Goals. Job Description. How to Attack the Problem. Case Example: Buying Stolen Property (1). Case Examples: Fencing Operation. Buying Stolen Property (2). Fencing Stolen Property. Employee Theft. Murder for Hire: Case Examples: Wife Filing for Divorce as Intended Victim. Son as Intended Victim. Robbery and Extortion: A Case Example. Homicide Investigations: The Changing Sequence of Command. Patrol Officer's Checklist. The Investigative Checklist. Money Laundering: Businesses That Lend Themselves to Money Laundering. How Money Is Laundered. Money Laundering Schemes. Money Laundering Example. Illegal Gambling: Organized Crime and Its Influence on Illegal Gambling. How to Get the Green Light to Conduct Your Investigation. Beginning Your Investigation. Where You Go With This Information. What You Ask For to Conduct This Investigation. Horse Race Wagering. Understanding Bookmaking Terms. Devices to Prevent Detection. Betting on Credit. Organization Structure. Settling Up. Bookmaking Records. Types of Bets. Sports Bookmaking Operation. Special Groups Targeted by Bookmakers. Receipt and Validation of Information. Surveillance. Infiltration of Sports Bookmaking Operations. Formats for Arrest. Case Examples. Other Gambling Interests: Terms. How to Conduct a Poker Machine Investigation. Probable Cause for a Poker Machine Search Warrant. Case Examples. The Raid: Raid Location Information. The Suspects. Planning Raids. Residence or Business Searches. Execution of the Search Warrant. Appendices. Interviews and Interrogations: Where You Begin. Why You Interview a Suspect. How to Prepare for an Interview. What It Takes to Be a Good Interviewer. Where You Should Conduct Your Interview. Legal Issues That Apply to Confession. Waiver of Rights. Interview Logs. How You Begin Your Interview of the Suspect. Procedure for Review of Statements. Defendant's Statement Form. Appendix. Court Preparation: Meet With the Prosecutor in Charge. Prepare for Court Testimony. Final Review Prior to Court. Things to Remember When Testifying. Appendix. Bibliography. Index.

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